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Boxing: Pacquiao has already spoken about revenge on Augs: 'He was one of my easiest competitors'

Boxing: Pacquiao has already spoken about revenge on Augs: ‘He was one of my easiest competitors’


25/08/2021 –

aAlthough he still did not dare to take anything for granted, Manny Pacquiao talks about his future in boxing days after Defeat by Jordenis Augs by unanimous decision. The Filipino struggled on the ring and the truth is that when the fight ended it seemed like Pac-Man had passed a tank over his head, after absorbing many punches and a powerful right hand – on the face and body – of his opponent.

Mane never seemed to be able to win the fight, His attacks were barren And those of Ug, the more selective, were more powerful. A person from Santiago de Cuba always hits the mark. The day after the fight, Pacquiao had eye problems.

Pacquiao claimed that his legs contracted “in the second or third round”, barely allowing him to move, even below his usual speed. Days later, he began evaluating the rematch.

Pac-Man Ha Dishu Athletics: “Yeah, I can come back in January. Look. I know I can get a rematch if I want to. I just need to tell the Haimon. “That wouldn’t be a problem,” commented the Philippine senator. But Mane dared to say: “I’m thinking about it because I can’t believe one of the easiest opponents I’ve ever faced has done that.”.

The eight-team champion added about Ugs: “Throughout my career, Ugs have been one of the easiest competitors to have. I only had one technique, and I should have been able to easily walk away from his attacks. I’ve seen how I moved in my previous battles and I couldn’t move in this one. My legs just stopped, and he shouldn’t have touched me.”

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Without a great fight, it was enough for Ugs to be faithful to the plan he laid out and work for him from the first to last rounds. Pacquiao may have paid the price for his inactivity, but of course Cuban, without dazzling the audience or lifting him off his seats, was more effective.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, in spite of the physical problems he may have suffered, I don’t seem to have a plan B either No matter how many times Plan A has led you to success. Of course, only Mane knows if it’s a bad night and if he doesn’t really lose his bro With whom he fought until very recently despite his age. And the election campaign in his country will not start until next February, if he finally runs for the presidency. Elections in May 2022.