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Brazilian F1 GP: Felipe Massa, a nuisance in his home | Formula 1 | Sports

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“I’m not particularly good at music. I listen to it and appreciate it, and I even took a photo once with a guitar that Ferrari once released. But my musical talent, if it can be called that, ends there. I know this is a big recognition for a Brazilian. But “In my memory, since I was just a baby, the sounds of my life have come from the roar under the hood and the squeak of rubber on the asphalt. This is my soundtrack. Interlagos is my symphony.” This is how the article signed by Felipe Massa begins Players Tribune Published last weekIn which the former driver reviews his 42 years, his path to Formula 1, and the special relationship he maintains with the circuit, which on Sunday will host the first of the final three rounds of the championship. Not only is the track located in São Paulo, his birthplace, but it was also the scene of the most intense weekend of his sporting career. The 2008 Grand Prix, in direct competition with the one held two years ago in Abu Dhabi, where Max Verstappen celebrated his first championship title, in that controversial end of the race that settled the balance against Lewis Hamilton. Coincidentally, during that test, the Briton felt a similar sensation to that which accompanies Massa, which prompted him to initiate legal proceedings against the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Formula 1 Management Authority (FOM), which holds the rights to exploit the competition. – By deeming Hamilton’s coronation fraudulent.

Lawyers for the Sao Paulo player, who lost the World Cup on that occasion by one point, defend the illegality of the final classification. They claim that the result of the Singapore Grand Prix is ​​famous Crash gate – Nelcinho Piquet deliberately hit the wall to facilitate the victory of Fernando Alonso, his Renault teammate, and it was supposed to be canceled in 2009, once the setup organized by Flavio Briatore, Renault team principal, was discovered. Rhombus sign. Had this event not counted, Massa would have been part of the select champions club. “This year, Bernie Ecclestone, the boss of Formula 1 in 2008, admitted that he knew everything, but did not act because he wanted to preserve the sport and save it from a major scandal. The only question I have to ask, and the lawyers are now asking themselves, is: If the Singapore Grand Prix is ​​rigged, shouldn’t it be cancelled? “Being defeated by fraud is disgusting. Sweeping crap under the rug is despicable. The sporting world needs an answer and deserves compensation. “I can say I still live with a tremendous sense of injustice,” he laments. Filipino.

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You don’t have to be a lynx to understand that the open issue around the outcome of that season is an uncomfortable problem for Formula 1, even more so these days as the caravan settles into Interlagos. There, a stone’s throw from where he grew up and where he is respected by fans, Massa’s presence has become a nuisance. So much so that the Brazilian admitted his intention not to travel to the ring. Recently, the runner attended the races as an ambassador for the championship, and even judged the winners’ appearances on some occasions. However, the conflict with competition promotion and legislation bodies put it in a different position. “The only thing I know is that Formula 1 asked me not to go to Monza. I was also going to go to Japan, and I didn’t go either,” the pilot admitted two days ago, in statements to the website. MotorsportIn which he confirmed his intention not to be seen by Interlagos. “I think I won’t go. I fully understand and respect the legal context of this moment, even to the point of not attending. [al evento], for everything that happens. However, Massa confirmed that I did not receive the invitation as ambassador.

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