May 19, 2022

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BTS: Find out about the first track list for 'Proof', Bangtan's upcoming album |  BTS discography |  Singer was born |  K-pop |  idol |  TDEX |  |  Lights

BTS: Find out about the first track list for ‘Proof’, Bangtan’s upcoming album | BTS discography | Singer was born | K-pop | idol | TDEX | | Lights

The famous boyband He is preparing for his new album “Proof”, which will be released on June 10, 2022. Along the same lines of promotion and material advancement, this Sunday May 8th, BTS’ official account has been shared with Through their networks, CD1’s tracklist for their next album. On this note, we will inform you about the songs that make up the top three song list that make up the new Bangtan album.

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A few weeks after BTS’ comeback, the boyband continues to release new pieces or previews of “Proof”. This album will be a compilation and will have two copies as we can know thanks to the presale. In contrast, the material consists of 3 CDs with different playlists.

On this occasion, BigHit, the representative agency of BTS, revealed the list of Proof’s first songs:

BTS: #1 track list for the album, Bangtan’s new album | Via: bts.bighitofficial

In the published poster we can see 19 songs from different eras of BTS that take us on the journey and development of young idols. He heads the “Born singer” debut singles chart and continues with other titles such as No more dream, NO, DNA, Danger, Run, I need u, Butter, Dynamite, among others; End with “Not yet to come”.

Born Singer is a song written by BTS’ Rabelin and is very important to the group Because he thanked ARMY for the support they received and also an ode to the hard work and hard times they went through in order to debut and become a world-renowned group in the music industry. Here we share the born singer:

As it became known, The single that Bangtan Sonyeondan will be promoting is the one that closes the first track chart under the name “Not Yet”. The title of this new compilation album called Proof based on the band’s name, which has been translated into English is We are bulletproof as a direct translation of Bangtan’s Korean Sonyeondan. In addition, this phrase was used by Bangtan boys after their debut on June 13, 2013.

Similarly, in the photo shared by BIGHIT MUSIC, it was also noted in the credits of a movie that J-Hope, Suga, and RM (Rabelin BTS) were part of the single’s production. With this, their roles and musical skills are being expanded more and more.

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ARMY was excited about the new news about PROOF and showed it to the networks by sharing the best and toughest moments of Bangtan throughout his career:

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