August 14, 2022

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CAF signs 130 million euro deal in New Zealand

CAF Has signed the agreement 23 new power units have been delivered To the city Auckland, In New Zealand. Is greater than the contract amount 130 million, And includes Vehicle maintenance until the end of 2025, Consider further Possible extension Same with the five additional units.

Following an agreement in 2011 to supply 57 power units to the CAF Group and maintain them for 12 years, Basque explained that this was a new project for Auckland Transport. Following that, 15 more units were purchased in 2017. The 72 units supplied are currently in service in Auckland.

The new units will be similar to the 72 units previously offered to the same customer, with three compartments each, two end motor coaches and a cab and an intermediate trailer coach. The unit has one Total capacity of 380 passengers.

The structure of the boxes is made of stainless steel, each with two doors on its side for passenger access. In addition, the intermediate car will have less floor space, which will facilitate access to the unit for users with limited mobility and wheelchairs.

The company based in Beasain mentioned it This agreement confirms the presence of the CAF in the region In addition to the Auckland Transport contracts, the company has been awarded a significant number of projects in recent years since its subsidiary was established in Australia in 2010. -Reginal trains to the state of New South Wales.

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