August 19, 2022

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CaixaBank expects to be fully operational as a single bank from the 15th |  comp

CaixaBank expects to be fully operational as a single bank from the 15th | comp

now yes. CaixaBank main week. The entity headed by Jose Ignacio Guerigolzari will conduct this week the technological, operational and commercial integration with Bankia, a delicate and final stage to complete the merger process, whose negotiations officially began in September 2020, although it was on March 26 of this year when the legal formalities for the process were completed. With Bankia disappearing from the register as a financial entity.

Finally, CaixaBank is taking the last step in this integration process. I have planned to begin the migration of data and systems during the afternoon of this coming Friday, November 12, and to complete the process over the weekend, so that from Monday the 15th, the entity expects to be fully operating as a single bank, which will value customers, especially Bankia customers , due to the turmoil in recent weeks due to this computer consolidation.

The entity itself states that technological integration “represents an essential moment in any merger, as it involves the unification of all business information and all operating channels of the entities under one system.”

The banking giant hopes that when this consolidation is complete, there will be no differences in commercial supply and operational capacity. “All offices of the entity will offer the same catalog of products and services and will operate on the same technology platform,” he said in a statement.

The goal is that within one week, all users of the company, regardless of whether their parent bank is CaixaBank or Bankia, will receive the same service offer and will work through the same digital channels: the website, CaixaBankNow and Imagin mobile applications .

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The entire network will display the same products
and services

Temporary interruptions
The institution notes that as long as the merger continues, and despite the fact that the customer does not have to do anything about this change in immigration due to the merger – the largest that has been implemented in Spain to date – there will be some temporary interruption of digital banking services for users from Bankia, who will only be able to consult their products and balances but will not perform operations such as, for example, transfers.

Likewise, a Bizum service originating from or directed at a Bankia user will be down for a few hours over the weekend. In the case of customers with pension plans, they will have the updated product rating on Tuesday 16th of this month.

In addition, the merchant’s ATM and POS network will remain fully accessible.

Customers will not have to make any special management with standardization

In practice, the entire ATM family is already operating under the same technological platform, while in the case of data phones, an early and gradual migration was carried out to ensure continuity of service, the entity explains. Although it does specify that for a few hours users will not be able to see the updated balance in their account after cash withdrawals or debit card payments.

For CaixaBank’s original customers, the entity does not anticipate incidents. It also does not anticipate changes in the availability of the ATM and Point of Sale network in stores.

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The new bank, which is the largest in the country, asserts that in most cases, “the changes have a very limited impact on the customer.” It states that in mortgage loans, personal loans, deposits and insurance policies signed with Bankia, the same terms are maintained and will remain until the product expires.

Similarly, the account numbers change and the corresponding IBAN for Bankia disappears, but the customer will not have to do any management on products linked to their account, such as cards, direct debit to income or payments. Calculations will automatically change from being a reference number to another, without the need for any special management.

Associated Bankia customers are now included in CaixaBank’s Day-to-Day Program, which offers the most popular operations and services without commissions. Although unrelated commissions will be higher. To take advantage of this bonus, the customer must meet a series of interconnection requirements: have income and three direct debit receipts or make three credit card payments every three months. In total, more than 13.6 million customers will get their usual transactions with the bank for free, CaixaBank says.

It will also not be necessary due to this technological integration to change the notebooks, the financial entity headed by Guerigolzari adds in its statement.

A change affecting 21 million customers

Pay the phone bill. CaixaBank states that the mobile payment service will be automatically updated in case of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users. In addition, any customer will be able to see their new virtual CaixaBank cards in CaixaBank mobile banking apps and make payments with them. Customers who have paid with Google Pay will be able to continue making payments using their mobile phone using CaixaBankNow or the Imagin app. What will not be necessary to change is your plastic card with the image of Bankia, which will remain valid until the expiration date indicated on the card itself.

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digital channels. Digital channel operations will be transferred to CaixaBank channels. When the integration is complete, Bankia’s native customers will be able to manage their products and carry out their operations through CaixaBankNow or Imagin.

The largest office network. The bank led by Gonzalo Gortázar has around 21 million customers and the largest office network in Spain and Portugal, with a total of more than 6,000 branches, 15,000 ATMs and a percentage of digital customers of 71.4%.