June 23, 2024

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Anthony Mackie firma contrato con Marvel para regreso como Capitán América

Captain America 4 wins the champion after signing the contract with Marvel

After transforming into a Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America. This is how these plans progress.

Marvel Studios It started the year throwing the house out the window, and so far this year, it’s debuted four series, which were pretty new. WandavisionAnd Falcon And the winter soldierAnd loki NS What if…? The company’s first promises were in the form of television. And with great success, they passed the test time after time, until the last chance came, the first animated movie inside UCM.

In each, new characters were introduced, others returned and a couple were expelled, so they then served in the development of the collective plot. In addition, the multiverse was expanding little by little, even introducing its own concept of spatial (Wandavision) and temporal (Loki), Conqueror Kang As one of the great new references for the study.

new patriot

However, the issue of the multiverse was not the only major event addressed in these productions. In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, for example, the beginning of the formation of a new and dark group was shown, along with Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. On the other hand, in the same show took over Sam Wilson like new captain America.

And he promised the arrival of this character not only for this project, but to occupy an important place in the future. So, on the same day as the premiere of the last episode, the most important media Hollywood They confirmed that a fourth film of the national hero will be shown.

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After a brief period, Malcolm Spellman NS Dalan Mawson, who wrote the script for the series, confirmed that he is writing the script for the aforementioned film. Today, a few months later, Delivery time confirmed that Anthony Mackie Signing the said partnership contract. There is no release date for the plan yet, but more information is still awaited.

Source: Delivery time