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Bad habits that affect sleep schedule |  Health |  magazine

Bad habits that affect sleep schedule | Health | magazine

When we repeat bad sleeping patterns for many years, they become habits, and generate countless annoyances in our daily lives.

We live in a society where the pace of life is very high, responsibilities and obligations increase over time, which makes us stop worrying about our lifestyle, and the level of stress and anxiety gradually increases.

On the other hand, and not for our convenience, we are part of a technological generation that generates many stimuli, causing the night hours to lengthen. This and more, it generates compensation for sleep, almost completely changing it.

Behind poor sleep habits, there are factors that prevent you from getting enough rest at night, make you appear more tired during the day and – in other cases – prevent you from having a normal day, due to the constant desire to sleep, follow the health portal Medline Plus.

Sleeping 5 hours is not enough

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Sometimes, due to the busyness of daily life, we imagine that not sleeping in the recommended hours does not have long-term effects. Remember that these hours depend on the age and special circumstances of the person. The younger you are, the more hours of sleep you should meet. It is recommended to sleep more than 7 hours a day in adults.

When we don’t rest, we tend to accumulate those hours, which causes each day that goes by without you getting enough sleep, affecting your life more and more, making you feel more and more tired.

Nightmares of stress and anxiety

A sleepless woman has insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, or fatigue. A tired and exhausted woman. headache or migraine; I wake up in the middle of the night. Someone frustrated with a problem. Alarm clock with time.

The more stress and anxiety you feel in your day to day, the more your rest at night will change. In fact, these types of emotions can cause psychological insomnia, increase lack of sleep and alter rest times from a distance.

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It’s like a chain, you won’t sleep at night because of stress or anxiety, but during the day the consequences will be obvious: you will feel tired and heavy and want to sleep. Thus changing your mental state and your physical health.

Among the solutions to this problem, we suggest hiring a stress and anxiety management specialist, so that you learn how to deal with these types of situations that generate feelings that you sometimes cannot control yourself.

Medicines, caffeine and health problems

Medicines have side effects and all health problems have possible symptoms, one of which is common is the change of owner, which leads directly to insomnia.

That’s why you need to know the side effects of the medications you take frequently and what their limits are. Consult your family doctor, what kind of recommendations or strategies you can follow to get better and adequate sleep. (F)