June 20, 2024

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Rocky sweeps and exacerbates the Padres moment

Rocky sweeps and exacerbates the Padres moment

DENVER – The Colorado Rockies defeated Jake Arita, who was also injured in his debut game with the San Diego Padres, who lost 7-5 Wednesday night.

CJ Cron had two hits and three runs, while Trevor Storey made it to the Rockies, who scored five runs in 3 1/3 innings off Arrieta, before leaving with a left hamstring condition.

Arita (5-12) came to Padres on Monday after she was released by the Chicago Cubs. He allowed seven hits and allowed the ERA to decline to 7.13 as Homer received a solo from Dom Nunez before grabbing his thigh and leaving the game.

Will Myers hit a pair of home runs for his San Diego fight. Padres lost seven of his eight games but still had a half-game advantage over Cincinnati in a bid for second place in the National League playoffs.

The Rockies took a 3-0 lead in the first half, thanks to a brace from Crohn and another from Ryan McMahon.

Ben Bowden (2-2) allowed one run in one round. Daniel Bard scored the ninth goal in saving him 20 on 26 chances.

For Padres, Dominican Fernando Tates 4-0, Machado 5-1 with the Reserve Bank of India.

For Roque, Venezuelan Carlos Gonzalez 1-0.

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