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Pokmon: Resumen de Pokmon presents: Unite, Go, Legends: Arceus y los remakes de 4ta generacin

Pokmon: Resumen de Pokmon presents: Unite, Go, Legends: Arceus y los remakes de 4ta generacin

DrAfter a very short wait, the broadcast was announced by Pokemon Company On August 18th we were shown many expected images, many more titles news than we created and we weren’t disappointed in letting us see more about Pokemon Legends: ArceusA new form of saga for . has been announced January 2022. This is the dispatch summary.

Pokémon Unite: Mobile version and new Pokémon

Since the game was released this was expectedIn addition to being able to play it on the Nintendo Switch, there will be a version for mobile devices To be fully compatible with the console. Thus, you can play in the same team as your friends It doesn’t matter that not everyone has a Nintendo Switch. The app will be available for Android and iOS on September 22.

Now your friend from “playhon” can also join Unite.Pokemon Company

Pre-registrations for the application are already open and will be awarded away Pikachu’s special skins For those who have registered. In addition, two new Pokémon have been added to the catalog of fighters to choose from: Mamusoin and Sylvion.


Mamoswine and Sylveon: Unite’s new pokmon.Pokemon Company

Cambios a Pokmon Café Mix. Mix Cafe Pokemon

Free puzzle for Nintendo Switch It will have a bit of an aesthetic transformation and a name, and it will now be called Pokemon Cave Remix, to include more pokemon and new options for their clothing, which will allow you to receive more visits and increase your staff. These changes will take effect sometime this fall.


Who else plays these wonders for de-stressing?Pokemon Company

Pokémon Masters EX: 2nd Anniversary

fighting formula dynamax (from the latest version of the game) It will also be available in Masters. Also, you can cooperate with Hop y Zamazenta In an upcoming legendary event, in addition to three legendary events that have already occurred in the game that will return this month. By August 29, N and Rishiram will be joining the game.


She is just as beautiful as the last time we saw her.Pokemon Company

In addition to, In mid-September a new story begins, Introduction to the Villains event, which will begin in August 15 And the focus is on Kanto, with the first evil character we met from these games: Rocket team when he was led by Giovanni.


Weed never dies.Pokemon Company

Pokmon GO: 5 to aniversario

From 20 to 31 AugustIn the game, three Pokémon from the Galar region will appear: Wooloo, Skwovet, and Falinks. In addition, there will be raids to meet Zakian ZamazintaThe first from August 20 to 26 and the second from August 26 to September 1.


A new Pokémon game in upcoming Pokémon GO events.Pokemon Company

Pokémon Climbing Pearl / Brilliant Diamond

More than just news, we have seen many pictures of the game. The cheerful aesthetic of the avatar is definitely better than the characters we’ve seen in recent releases, and it will be added Option to customize the costumes of our characters (Something we’ve had to wait 6 generations for).


Look at the little pokemon master, they’re all small, they’re all hardworking.Pokemon Company

In addition, the secret foundations, as we knew them in the third generation, go back to: A hideout that only you can enter and you can decorate it as you wish. In addition, the balls will have different animation effects Through the application of “stickers” you can get throughout the game.

And one of the best aspects of 4G is joining the new version, even though we only saw it HearthGold y SoulSilver: Our very own Pokemon accompanies him outside his pokeball. Added to this is the launch of a special edition Nintendo Switch Lite featuring Dialga and Palkia.


*Memories of the past when we went to elementary school*Pokemon Company

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

We were finally able to see more photos Pokémon: Breath of the Wild, known in the market as Legends: Arceus. It seems that back in the pokemon world some things were more terrifying, like the same interaction with a wild pokemon. Now we know that The area called Hisui, which in the future will become Snoh.


Horizon Zero Pokémon.Pokemon Company

There are a lot of surprising discoveries about Hisui, for example, that Galaxy Team was originally a purposeful expedition team. And instead of Pokemon centers, there are energies recovery camps.


It’s beautiful …Pokemon Company

finally, Hisui offers us two new types of Pokémon… Which means that it somehow… evolved into a new Pokémon? But not the evolution that we know. be Wyrdeer (similar to Stantler) and Basculegion (similar to Basculin), as well as Hisui forms of Braviary and Growlithe.


Hisui: His past year and the entire Pokémon world.Pokemon Company

In short, we can say that today was Good day for pokemon trainersAnd though there are many things that will arrive in the middle, We can’t wait for November to enjoy the fourth generation remake. What is your favorite news from Pokémon Presents?

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