June 23, 2024

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Caribou yield 0.1% when open


After a roughly 0.5% advance on Friday, selective Madrid stuck to the psychological level of 8,800 integers on Monday, in a context marked by the Covid-19 outbreak due to a delta-variable advance.

In the early stages of Monday’s session, the biggest declines were noted by tourism values ​​that were severely affected by the pandemic. Thus, IAG and Meliá left over 1% at opening, followed by Ferrovial (-0.8%), Colonial (-0.69%) and Merlin (-0.61%).

On the other hand, Acciona led the increases, rising by more than 2.8%, followed by other energy companies such as Endesa (+0.8%), Enagás (+0.60%), Red Eléctrica (+0, 58%) and Naturgy (+0.48%). ).

The rest of the European stock exchanges didn’t make big moves at Monday’s opening either. Frankfurt and Paris traded slightly higher at 9.18 am, up 0.1%, while London was down 0.2%.

In terms of raw materials, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark oil for the United States traded at $66.47 at the opening of European markets, after recording a sharp decrease of 2.6%, while Brent crude, the benchmark for Europe, was priced at $68.94. , down 2.5%.

Finally, the euro against the dollar settled at 1.1760 “US dollars”, while the Spanish risk premium was around a bad 70 pips, with the required interest on the decimal bond at 0.237%.

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