June 16, 2024

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El Rubius introduces his girlfriend on Instagram, Su Sue Subscribe!

El Rubius introduces his girlfriend on Instagram, Su Sue Subscribe!

take one Surprise I mean look at the accounts famous instagram Petraeus and suddenly they see it Rubeus (Yes, YouTube) Decide to share two or three poses with bride. Just as I read “Romantic Pictures” by Habemus. The girl is touching, her name is Irina Isasia, They had been dating for a long time. Years.

Being an expert in the most advanced technologies and also in social networks does not always mean that you want to share the details of your private life with others. It’s weird but it happens, hey. say it Rubeus, The original YouTuber who moved to Andorra to provide treasury payments (important). a Robin Dublas Gundersen It was hard for him to share the first pictures on Insta with his girl, model and influencer Irina Isasia. It cost him but he did it in the end.

And why we say it wasn’t easy, you might be wondering. Well look, because they carry neither more nor less than Four years together. It can’t be said “Omar”, but it almost is. It took four years for us to see them side by side in the webcam. He or she had never looked like this before.

If you follow it daily on Youtube, You will know he has a girlfriend. But if you only look at El Rubius because you have it on your Instagram, then all this will definitely be a first for you. Youtube is busy.

What does his girlfriend look like? He is 27 years old and has been with the Madrilenian for four. They met in 2017 at an event. After the first contact, they became friends on the platform X-Box They spent time playing together. The passion of the gaming world made them fall in love and look at them. Ready to share photos together.

as we told you, Irina sometimes appears in her boy’s videos. His most loyal followers have long known they are in a relationship. They also know the love story that unites them because a YouTuber has already told it on his channel.

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When they fell in love, he started to become famous and she was working Form For brands like Mint & Rose. It has also been featured in Vogue photographic reports.

They have been inseparable ever since, but Irina prefers to stay in the background. You obviously don’t want to tie your career to that of your son. The usual thing for them is that they attend events separately, but it is increasingly common to see them side by side at parties. It is seen that they are serious and do not care a little because they are known to be a couple.