March 1, 2024

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The Lions beat New Zealand to advance to the quarterfinals in Tokyo

The Lions beat New Zealand to advance to the quarterfinals in Tokyo

The Lions advanced to the quarterfinals. (AFP photo)

The Argentine men’s field hockey team, Los Lyons, beat New Zealand 4-1 in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this Friday to finish third in Group A.

The match took place on the south side of the Oi Hockey Ground and Argentina’s goals were scored by Lucas Martனnez (15 mins), Lucas Vila (17 m), Jose Leandro Tolini (44 m) and Nichols Keenan (60 m). 14 m) highlighted New Zealand.

After completing the qualifying round, Group A was won by Australia with 13 units, India 12, Argentina 7, Spain 5 (four classified), New Zealand 4 and Japan 1.

It is not known which team will play for Argentina in the quarterfinals next Sunday, which will be second in Group B (it could be Great Britain, Germany or the Netherlands).

Argentina started the game with good pressure for the rival, knowing with ambition that the only way to win was, but New Zealand had limits to reach the goal.

The Los Lyons campaign began in a draw with Spain (1-1), then lost (2-1), lost to Australia (5-2) and India (3-1) and ended in a win over New Zealand (4-1)

For the team led by Carlos Redegui, this match was all or nothing, while New Zealand made history by having two results, a win or a draw, qualifying for the next event and eliminating anyone other than the current Olympic champion. , Because Los Lyons won gold in Row 2016.

Argentina started the game with good pressure for the rival, knowing with ambition that victory was the only way out, but with the limits to reach the New Zealand goal, individual arrests were disturbed but not hit after the play made after the next pass.

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New Zealand took the ball in the second half of the opening quarter and in the 14th minute they took advantage of a narrow corner and a goal from Kane Russell, the team’s scorer with five wins in the game, was a severe blow to the Reds.

However, Argentina ‘s best qualification, the temperament he showed in that section of the game, was far from showing a mood drop, so he changed himself and a minute later went to see Dive, who saw the reward for that attitude, as Martinez reached a diversion to 1-1. There is no regret, no resentment and no suffering.

For a team led by Carlos Redegui, this match is all or nothing, while New Zealand knew they would qualify for the next event with two results, a win or a draw.

Argentina took a 2-1 advantage after the Lucas Rossi center in the second quarter, from where the “Albiceleste” team began to play the game they had imagined, with several passes in the middle zone. Midfielders and forward.

The Red Guinea team had two penalty corners (they added 5 in 60 minutes against New Zealand) and one of them forced a reconsideration from British referee Martin Madden, who was injured and was replaced by Dutch Goian van Panko. Confessed to a criminal offense and then amended the original verdict.

New Zealand took the lead on the field in the third quarter, they had no choice, and the Lions were very close to the third goal after a penalty corner when Martinez failed to finish in the millimeter. The difference came at the end of that period when he defined with authority the exact position of the sea target defended by Lone Howard, shortly after when Tolini had completed an exciting tug.

Argentina defended well against an opponent, striker Russell only looked to be dismissed and Keenan took advantage of the absence of the match goalkeeper in the final game of the match to end 4-1.

In the final quarter, New Zealand replaced Howard and looked for the miracle of transforming the game with a field player.

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Argentina defended well against an opponent that only intended to dismiss striker Russell and Keenan used the absence of the match goalkeeper in the final game of the match to establish the final 4-1.

Hugged after the game, many of the Lions’ emotional cries, contained anger, because they felt they had been removed prematurely and Coach Redegu’s Harangyu.

“We have not achieved anything. We have to keep going. We are one game away from one medal, only one game away from another medal, so from now on we have to play with more focus and discipline,” Redaki said.

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Argentina: Juan Manuel Vivaldi; Leandro Tolini, Pedro Ibra and Nichols Cecilio; Juan Morton Les, Madas Ray, Ignacio Artis and Lucas Rosie; Lucas Vila, Mico Casella and Auguston Massili. Then Huff, Martinez, Boss, Salis and Keenan entered. DT: Carlos Redequi.

Nueva Zelanda: Leon Hayward; David Brighton, Dan Led, Nick Rose and Jack Smith; Jared Pancia, Nick Woods, Blair Tarant and Thomas Dylan; Kane Russell and Sean Findley. DT: Glenn Turner.

Goals: 14 m. Kane Russell (New Zealand); 15 m. Lucas Martness (A); 17 m. Lucas rib (A); 44 m. Jose Leandro Tolini (A) y 60m. Nichols Keenan (A).

Field: Oi Hockey Stadium

Referee: Martin Madden (Great Britain), Coyne von Punk (Netherlands).