May 20, 2024

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Carla Diaz leaves JNS because she wants to become a mother: she says goodbye in tears

Carla Diaz leaves JNS because she wants to become a mother: she says goodbye in tears

Carla Diaza member for over 25 years of GNS poolShe made the decision to separate from the group because she wants to focus on being a mother, as she announced through an emotional video in which she appeared with her colleagues and friends Angie Taddei, Melissa Lopez and Regina Murguia.

Between tears and hugs, the JNS members said goodbye to Carla, who admitted that it took a year to make the decision to temporarily leave the group to become a mother.

He admitted: “Today I made the decision to withdraw from the group. It took me a year to make this big decision. I never imagined reaching this point.”

She explained that she is not pregnant yet, but this is what she is looking for with her husband. Daniel Days.

“I'm not pregnant, but it's time to think about myself and make this decision to start a family,” she said.

Carla Diaz cries with her friends at JNS when she says goodbye.

The JNS members couldn't help but cry during the 10 minutes of the video in which Carla talks about her reasons for leaving her life's project.

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“It hurts because I want to be with my sisters for life,” admitted Diaz, who at the same time admitted:

“I could not be a mother, and this is a desire that my husband and I have.”

Her colleagues and friends completely understand Carla's wishes, and wish her the best so that at some point in the future she can return to JNS.

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The narrative that Carla Diaz was pregnant was consistent, but she commented, “It was very difficult to become a mother,” which is why she left the group at this time, as she would go from being a member to being a fan.

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