August 14, 2022

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Carlos Zambrano: "The playoffs will be very close" after the win against New Zealand

Carlos Zambrano: “The playoffs will be very close” after the win against New Zealand

Carlos Zambrano spoke about the development of friendly Peru vs New Zealand. | Catch MovieStar Sport

The The Peruvian team won as well as New Zealand In a friendly match at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona. In fact, the national players were ready to play in the playoffs against the United Arab Emirates or Australia before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, despite the process of competition being blocked. in that respect, Carlos Zamprano He talked about how the fight against the Oceanic team unfolded, comparing it to the supernatural match they will be holding on June 13th.

I think the playoffs will be similar. Very close gameBut, thank God, we were very focused, we tried to keep up, we controlled the game, we were able to score happily. “The defender said in a statement to Movistar Deportes after the victory.

In fact, the words came as a surprise to media reporter Pedro Garcia, who did not anticipate what would happen to the footballer in New Zealand and the playoffs. “It simply came to our notice then. This is a very close game, we saw in the first half. They retreated, which complicated us. The arch could be opened, but was able to give joy to all who came.Promised.

Also, in the first half, the ‘Bikers’ team did not have the strength to open the scoring, even though they had the ball and took the lead in the action. A cross from Marcos Lopez either went into Oliver Cyle’s goal, or hit a powerful left foot shot and crossbar taken by Yoshimer Jotten, and then it all came down to ‘All Whites’ defense.

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For this reason, the Boca Juniors player agreed with what coach Ricardo Carreca told them to improve this aspect of the game. “Simply Need a little more movement in front. The team was very good on all lines, but they wanted more movement to open the gaps. I think they were very closed, they came to play their game and complicated us. The striker was complex, but was able to give the general public who came to see us a happy ending.Under control.

Now, with markings for midfielders and forwards added to the New Zealand field, elements of the Peruvian rearcard were minimal. Carlos Zamprano Y Alexander CallahanThey had to break the lines and go out a few meters with the slogan of looking for some free space.

Precisely, the ‘lion’ referred to this problem. “I think we had room to go out with Alexander because, in practice, our team was very remarkable. I mean, like I said, the first half was very hard, we didn’t find many places, we had to try to break the lines in one or the other and open up a little bit of space.He explained.

The Peruvian defender expressed his views on the victory just before the World Cup playoffs. | Video: MovieStar Sports

The goal came in an isolated match by Gianluca Lapadula. The Turin-born forward was able to put pressure on the Kiwis on the opposing field and launch the only clear action that allowed the ‘red and white’ team to win. Precisely, the same ‘profit’ ended that match, using the match goalkeeper’s error to make it 1-0.

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The decision will undoubtedly help the mood of the national team, which aims to cross the playoffs against the Asian delegation. In that sense, the whole team has one more week to come. For this friendly match, there was 3 killed (Renato Tobia, Louis Attingula and Christian Ramos). However, they are expected to be in the defining competition after the weekly assessment.

Similarly, Mark Lopez Miguel Troco replaced him in the 67th minute due to a stamp in the first half, which reduced him to the rest of the match so he would be valued the same way.

Peru 1-0 New Zealand: Summary of Peruvian victory in Barcelona aimed at the playoffs. (Video: MovieStar Sports).

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