December 3, 2021

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Carol J proudly showcased cellulite during vacation in the Bahamas (PHOTOS) | Famous

Karol G constantly surprises her more than 43 million followers on Instagram with incredible photos of her most dangerous and revealing outfits.

The shots wearing sheer or mini dresses, deep necklines, crop tops, and shorts are some of the posts that are much loved by her fans.

Carol J runs the net in a sexy white dress

However, photos in which Carol G shows off her curves in a bikini and full bathing suits culminate in the posts that usually add the most likes on her profile, and her most recent photo shoot with a sensual white bikini in the Bahamas was no exception. .

Carol J proudly displayed cellulite on the beach

During a short break from the Bichota Tour 2021, Karol G basked in the sun and sea in the shores of the Bahamas in a beautiful white bikini that contrasted incredibly with her signature turquoise blue hair, which undoubtedly evokes mermaid feelings, and even more so when out of the sea.

Her escape to this heavenly destination was documented with a video on her Instagram story and three photos in which the ‘Tusa’ singer proudly showed off her curves and didn’t hesitate to show her body the way it is: without filters or retouching, for what is evident from cellulite. And hidden stretch marks adorn her thighs.

Also, in the third photo, due to the position Carol J is sitting in, her stomach also appears unedited.

In addition, many of his fans applauded that the older Bichota does not edit his photos and is displayed as transparently as possible on the networks.

This isn’t the first time Karol G has taken as transparent as possible in front of the camera. The Colombian usually shows off her curvy silhouette spontaneously and with pictures in front of the mirror, as well as with selfies while on vacation at the beach.