May 17, 2022

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Cases of COVID-19 virus infection rise in Esmeralda;  Frontline health workers are also affected |  Ecuador |  News

Cases of COVID-19 virus infection rise in Esmeralda; Frontline health workers are also affected | Ecuador | News

Esmeralda County has recorded 11,439 cases of COVID-19 as of Monday, January 17, according to MSP. Its capital, at red light, has 6,316 positive points.


Care for patients with respiratory illness and symptoms related to COVID-19 is being increased abroad and in waiting rooms at South Delfina Torres and core hospitals at Esmeraldas IESS.

From the first hours, men, women, and children arrive who also seek PCR or antigen tests, as well as medications for their ailments.

There are also those who come to see their patients in the hospital, like the case of Lola Parrales, who has a relative with COVID-19, who was in the recovery room.

An average of 40 people per day are treated in the triage area, said the director of this nursing home, Jenny Pozzo. Also, as of Monday, January 17, 11 patients are in the intensive care unit (ICU) and 10 are in the hospital. These two operational units are suitable with 14 ICU beds and 34 beds for recovering patients with COVID-19.

Headache, sore throat, tiredness, frequent symptoms of COVID-19 in recent days

At IESS’s primary hospital, influenza conditions saturated the care regime for this dependency. In addition, the members demanded that medication be taken, it was reported.

Hardy Morales, Director of District 08D01 of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in Esmeralda-Rioverde, confirmed that there is an upward trend in COVID-19 infections and that this also includes health workers serving on the front lines.

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More vaccination points were expanded this week. One in the Bimot-13 battalion, one in the naval hospital, one in the shopping center, in addition to those working in 33 operational units in Esmeraldas and Rioverde. The official added that there is also a position in the Temporary Education Unit of the Sacred Heart to immunize 3,858 teachers.

Esmeralda County has recorded 11,439 confirmed cases of COVID-19 by the Department of Public Health as of Monday, January 17. The national COE declared the cantons of Esmeraldas (6316 positive), Atacames (879), Muisne (287) and San Lorenzo (641), in Esmeraldas Province, a red traffic light, but Quinindé, which had 2,412 cases, was not included. Until that day.

The Council of Europe in the canton of Esmeralda has declared a health alert for this jurisdiction. Meanwhile, in various establishments, temporary office closures have been reported due to the dismissal of employees infected with COVID-19. (I)