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Catalina, daughter of María Pía Cubello, will venture into acting and the host explains why he gave her permission

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María Pia Cubello provided great support to her daughter so that she could achieve her dreams. AG.

Little Catherine Dyer Not only did she follow in her mother’s footsteps on social networks, starting her own chocolate business at the age of nine, but now she is surprising with a new facet: acting. Daughter of Maria Pia Cubello She will be making her debut in a musical “Valentina and a dream called Pero” Under the supervision of Joxan Balcázar, Director of Linaje Peruano.

In her first performance, Catalina will play the role of Valentina, the girl who lives with her grandfather, who will be played by the great Uruguayan actor Augusto Mazzarelli, who will tell her different stories from Peru. gradually, Valentina She has an incredible dream where she meets a legendary character from Cusco (UKUKU) called “Ukucho” and he takes her on a fantasy journey through the remote places of Peru, to learn to dance different dances and music of our country.

“Valentina and a dream called Peru” will be the work that launches Catalina, daughter of María Pía Cubello, in the world of acting.

The proudest one is Maria Pia Cubello, Catherine’s mother. driver “Who sends” Tell me why he decided to give him permission to undertake this new adventure.

“We thought about it a lot with her father and in the end we decided to support her because she wanted to act. She is a very responsible and organized girl and it fills us with pride and even more so seeing her grow up doing what she does.” The presenter said.

Catalina also pointed out this new face. She said: “I am learning with them and I am very happy that they chose me for this role. I am preparing with my acting coach and I invite you all to come and watch the play.”

Catalina, María Pía’s daughter, will venture into acting by performing at the Teatro Segura.

“Valentina and a dream called Pero” It will premiere on the 28th, 29th and 30th at the Segura Theater with 60 children on stage, including dancers, actors and a live music atmosphere. Tickets are on sale at Joinnus.

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The TV presenter has proven to be a loyal partner to her daughter Catalina, supporting her on social networks and inviting her to her program on some occasions. He was also very present when the girl launched her chocolate business, which today has become a family business.

However, not everything was rosy for the family Maria Pia. Detractors have also emerged questioning Cobelo for over-exposing his little girl, as he supposedly did not focus on her studies.

“My beautiful daughter continues to enjoy your vacation and do what she loves. And don’t worry, he knows all the schedules back and forth (there is never a shortage of someone who is ‘worried about his education’). Maria Pia Cubello One time to silence the haters.

The TV presenter never stopped supporting and keeping her in mind whenever she could. In a recent interview with the Colombian singer Camilo, Maria Pia Cubello He asked the artist to make a video call with his sick daughter.

During the virtual conversation, Catalina sang a snippet of “Indigo” and was excited about the connection. The youngest told him that she was his loyal follower. “Sure, when we have a concert, you can come and see us, okay?” Evalona Montaner’s husband answered.

Maria Pia Cubello met Camilo after 13 years: the singer surprised her with a tender confession from Peru. | Tik Tok.

Maria Pia was also excited about the opportunity and recalled the first time she interviewed the singer, when he was just a teenager. The host showed him the interview from 13 years ago and asked him to recreate one of the scenes, a fact which Camilo gladly accepted.

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The singer stressed that he is very grateful to Peru, because it was one of the first countries to open its doors to him when he was struggling for fame.

Maria Pia Cubello met Camilo. (Image: TikTok capture)
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