July 14, 2024

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Cattaneo: “When I arrived at Millonarios, not many people believed in me”

Cattaneo: “When I arrived at Millonarios, not many people believed in me”

In the run-up to the match Millionaires Against America de Cali, Daniele Cattaneo, the footballer who recently recovered from injury, spoke to the team ESPN F90 He made a retrospective analysis of everything he had experienced in recent years, in addition to analyzing the team’s present.

How are home-run games played?

“Matches have to be played intelligently because we decide many things. It is not a match on the first date, we cannot be careless. In the national final we find ourselves in front of a goal and everything becomes more complicated for us, near the end we only managed to equalise. We have great players, they already know these situations and I think that will work in our favour. Even though America is a visitor, throughout the tournament they have gained points in important places, but they are attacking.” We respect them and we will work to raise the level of this smart game to get the best results.

How did you recover from the difficult times you had to deal with in recent years?

“The word of God has helped me a lot in the moments I’ve been going through recently. I think it’s given me strength and the ability to get up because it’s not easy. Not many people would have been able to get up if what happened to them. I’ve had a lot of kids ask me what I went through and how I’m still strong now. When I arrived at Millonarius, many people did not believe my arrival because of what happened.. I woke up every day thinking about my family and knew I was going to change this. Six months later I became a cup champion and the next day we achieved the star. Now we are back to the finals. “I am grateful for everything that has happened to me, because everything has a purpose.”

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Analysis of Medellin, another strong competitor in the group

“We see all competitors the same way, because anyone can pass in this group, everyone has a chance to qualify because of what their fans stand for, because of the players they have. Medellín has the ‘invisible point’ advantage and they are united with Arias. “These matches are all head-to-head and will be very competitive.”

Support Juanito Moreno

“Juanito is a very noble person and we always wish him the best. Anyone can happen to him, and it happened to me even in Ibague. But we have to get up to work, as Juanito did today. We know that Alvaro is a very good person.” An important player, but Juanito is important with our support. He is qualified for this great challenge that life has presented to him.

His role as a leader and the importance of Macalister

“I’m someone who tries to help the kids but I’ve only been on the team for a short time. Maka is our leader, he knows the idiosyncrasies of Millonarios, the way of the organization. We’ve allowed that to pass on to us. Maka leads the group well, and those of us who arrive try to add to that.