June 23, 2024

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Cauliflower and cauliflower pizza celebrates a year in the markets

Cauliflower and cauliflower pizza celebrates a year in the markets

In just a year since it was introduced to the market, Cauliflow pizza has been positioned as one of the most innovative and attractive concepts in the food business. In addition, it strengthens its national and international expansion, managing to be present in more than 1,460 points of sale in Spain and 260 in Portugal.

Over the course of the year, the brand has triumphed in Spanish and Portuguese homes, reaching a milestone in its history at the beginning of the year by selling more than 100,000 pizza units.

This celebration coincides with the widespread expansion of its delivery through Glovo, becoming available throughout Spain and bringing cauliflower pizza closer than ever to consumers.

Since its launch, Cauliflow has not stopped growing and its pizzas are increasingly present in supermarkets and the great reception our reviewers have had throughout this year. It is very important for me to offer more and more people a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional pizza. Alba Sanchez Vicario, Creator and CEO of Cauliflow.

Cauliflow celebrates its anniversary with 1,700 points of sale in Spain and Portugal. Photo: Cauliflow

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Cauliflow: A Healthy Culinary Experience

Cauliflow Pizza was born with a mission cauliflower properties, Natural and nutritional, both for adults and children, allowing pizza to be included as a regular part of the diet and some healthy habits.

In addition, consumers can enjoy pizza while still paying attention to their diet, choosing the topping they like best: a package of two Coliflow pizza bases, to taste, and their own recipe for vegetables, cheese, and ham.

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Thank you for voting Nutriscore a In its two-base package and on vegetable pizza, as well as the enhanced nutritional profile in its cheese and ham pizza, Cauliflow has been able to meet consumers’ demands and offer an ideal option for those who watch their diet.

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