May 20, 2024

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Challenges that the logistics sector has to consider and how to face them on

Undoubtedly, in this twenty-first century, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving vehicles are beginning to position themselves as great innovations in the sector, however, to get these concepts to be incorporated into the company, it is first necessary to integrate other aspects By giving the transition to artificial intelligence and the autonomy of trailers and trucks.

These aspects present challenges for the managers responsible for the supply chain to ensure that products reach the consumer in the most effective way which are basically three:

Automation. It is necessary to reduce obsolete processes. How do you face this challenge? Using a management system or ERP software promises in simple words effective human-machine collaboration to speed up tasks. If a management system specialized in transportation and logistics is used, the results will be better. The use of process management software helps companies to have efficient logistics, provides predictive maintenance, automation and digitization, which makes them more competitive and provides them with significant savings, such as: fuel, tires and up to 50% in time.

Vehicle monitoring. It is important to know where the product transport units are located, as well as the routes they follow and their destinations. How do you face this challenge? Integration of advanced GPS systems and unit satellite locations in real time 24 hours a day across the country and even abroad. Some GPS service providers have high-quality solutions for carriers, which helps to increase safety in the transportation of goods, as this technology allows the detection of the jammer, which is the most widely used tool for blocking the GPS signal.

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Sustainability It is desirable for a company to be 100 percent sustainable because the use of fossil fuels, in addition to harming the environment, is costly for business. How do you face this challenge? Take advantage of the two techniques mentioned above. Real-time satellite location management and design software The best routes and schedules to follow in order to consume the least amount of fuel for a fleet of vehicles, resulting in significant savings.

At GM Transport we have everything necessary to digitize the operations of companies in the transport and logistics sector with the highest quality.

This Mexican company has proudly developed a unique specialized supply chain program called GM Transport ERP, which allows you to have complete control over the management of your freight company. The system centralizes all information and through reports provides an overview of the organization’s operations, with which managers can make better decisions.

It also has an advanced satellite positioning platform for fleet security with national and international coverage. Submit unit reports every 1, 3 and 5 minutes. GM Transportation monitors more than 10,000 units from more than 500 customers on a daily basis.

Continuous improvements and updates allow GM to offer highly usable tools for decision-making and the same process with reports and Kpi reports aimed at measuring productivity, performance, income, services, interest, paths and routes. While from an administrative point of view, it allows to keep accounting and payroll, in a way that eases the burden and responsibility of employees, allowing the pencil to be left behind and providing mobile tools for drivers. Today, the driver becomes the ally by being the one who collects, transmits and presents information on his mobile device to the individuals who need it on their journey as well as to the carrier itself.

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Finally, a program dedicated to the transportation of goods provides logistics managers with the best routes, schedules and delivery times across the country, in order to save time, however, the additional advantage is the savings in fuel, which translates into better profits.

by Julian Gaxiola, CEO of GM Transport