June 25, 2022

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Charging an electric car battery in 90 seconds could be a reality

Charging an electric car battery in 90 seconds could be a reality

Imagine charging your car in less than three minutes. Scientists at the Institute of Basic Sciences in South Korea have developed a new batteries That allows the car to be charged quickly. These researchers confirm that the so-called Quantum batteries They will be able to reduce the charging time of electric cars at home From 10 hours to 3 minutes only. Which means that at charging stations, where it currently takes about half an hour to recharge a car, now it takes 90 seconds, About the same time it takes to fill a car tank with fuel.

These batteries work by super absorption

Quantum batteries do not work in the same way as normal batteries, they work through a phenomenon called absorptionwhich is a quantum mechanical principle that operates according to the power of A compound to absorb light.

The reason is that this process reduces the charging time as the particles get more intertwined, so the charging time increases with increasing size.

According to the study, published this week in Physical Review Letters, “the source of this quantum acceleration lies in the use of entanglement processes, in which cells They are collectively uploaded as a whole. While that, Classic batteries are charged in parallelThat is, each cell is charged independently of the others.

Revolutionizing energy use.

Quantum technologies have led to Investing millions of dollars In neighboring fields such as quantum computing and cryptography. Although the batteries Quantum In particular, it is still an unexplored area that needs further development before a fully functional quantum battery prototype can be built. According to the researchers, investing in research into such technologies could “completely revolutionize” the way we use energy.

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