May 20, 2024

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Check out the preliminary results from New Zealand and Australia

Check out the preliminary results from New Zealand and Australia

This Sunday morning The process of counting the tables outside began, in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand; Canberra, Australia. And it was with preliminary results that in both countries, “Against” option takes precedence.

Voters voted with the question.For or against the text of the new constitution?”, and they have to choose between “For” or “Against” options.

Due to the time difference, polling stations in these countries have already closed, so preliminary results of the vote count are available. And it follows:

New Zealand: with “against” 616 votes: 77.19%; “In favor” with 182 votes: 22.81%

Australia: with “against” 671 votes 66.90%; “In favor” with 316 votes: 31.50%

Overall, preliminary results abroad: with “against”. 1,358 votes: 72.39%, “In favor” with 518 votes: 27.61%

Compared to the referendum held on September 4, 2022, which had the options of “recognize” or “reject,” the latter being the winner of the general election, the vote tally was as follows:

New Zealand: with “I approve” 792 votes: 75.79%; “No” with 253 votes: 24.21%

Australia: with “I approve” 2,600 votes 66.75%; “No” with 1,295 votes: 33.25%

Results in all overseas votes in 2022 referendum: “I agree” 36,045 votes 60.92%; “No” with 23,120 votes: 39.08%

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