April 13, 2024

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Chelsea Sodaro wins Ironman New Zealand

Chelsea Sodaro wins Ironman New Zealand

Ironman New Zealand favorite Chelsea Sodaro took the win, followed by Steven McKenna in the men's.

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Chelsea Sodaro He is the favorite to win his first Ironman of the season, and after the New Zealander's last-minute loss due to Covid. Rebecca Clarke. An Ironman New Zealand reopened the long-distance season and offered all three tickets to the Ironman World Championship.

A group Five triathletes Commanded by the American Macaulay And where were his companions Kessler and Sodaro Next to Chile Riveros and Holios They once came out of the water first 55:51. Behind them, by more than six minutes, were other favorites such as Amelia Watkinson or Else Visser.

On the bike, a favorite from the start Chelsea Sodaro showed tremendous speed Can only bear that Jocelyn McCauley By the time they cross 90 kilometers, they are already too far ahead 4 minutes to the chase group. Even so, kilometer 100 was the turning point of the trial Jocelyn McCauley started outpacing Chelsea Sodaro Because of the problems the world champion had in reaching 140 kilometers with a four-minute advantage. However, Sodaro managed to reduce that distance to reach T2 Two and a half minutes away Lost their countryman but all options are open considering their power in the leg race. Behind them, though more than six minutes behind, came the Dutch Else Visser and Hollyoose

Race at Fi is a true recital and a demonstration of power Chelsea Sodaro In the middle and long distances, this explains how few competitors can overshadow him in the foot race. With the final time 2:49:59 And The second best part led by almost 15 minutesThe final win and a ticket to the Ironman Nice World Championships in September.

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Behind, the Dutch took second place in the last 8 kilometers Else Visser advanced up to Jocelyn McCauley A second-place finish would push the American to third. Both, over 17 minutes from Chelsea Sodaro

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The Low of Braden Currie It was a major blow to a race left without favorites and big names for the New Zealand event at the last minute. Even so, there was competition Steven McKenna, Mike Phillips or Justin Metzler as prime candidates.

In the swim, four triathletes left the water 52:07 With Justin Metzler and Steven McKenna In this group with Nick Heldorn and Michael Bolt. behind, Mike Phillips He lost more than two minutes at the head of the race.

With Michael Bolt out of the group, Mike Phillips was coming up behind Stop when passing Kilometer 70 reaches the first group Nick Heldorn, Steven McKenna and Justin Metzler were the top finishers. Once you reach the leader of the race, Phillips, a New Zealander and 29th in the PTO rankings, was incredibly quick to break the team into a thousand pieces. And achieve the second change first Over two minutes About Dutch Nick Heldorn and Steven McKenna And Three on Justin Metzler. Everything was open for a marathon that would be a real battle

Steven McKenna, kilometer for kilometer, cut those two minutes in New Zealand and took the lead in the half marathon during the half marathon. Heldorn was closely followed by Dutchman Heldorn, who did not lose much of the gap as he chased down Mike Phillips and took second place at kilometer 24. A Neek Heldorn went further from low and hunted at kilometer 30. Steven McKenna gave vague signs of his strength to put himself first.

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Still, those signs soon disappeared, and less than six kilometers away, Steven McKenna took first place again, crossing the finish line and taking an excellent win in a final time of 7:39:08.. Behind and inside Second place The Dutch came Nick Heldorn And inside Third place I did Ben Hamilton He was chasing Mike Phillips in the last kilometer of the marathon