May 20, 2024

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Israel slaughters bread in Gaza and the patriarchs of Jerusalem and church leaders call for a ceasefire

Israel slaughters bread in Gaza and the patriarchs of Jerusalem and church leaders call for a ceasefire

Humanitarian organizations working in Israel also joined the call for a truce. The end of hostilities must ensure the safe distribution of aid and lead to negotiations for the release of the hostages. The ultimate hope remains peace “on the land where our Lord Jesus Christ bore his cross for us.”

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) – Patriarchs and heads of the churches of Jerusalem they asked Yesterday “an immediate and long-term ceasefire” After the massacre committed by the Israeli Defense Forces in recent days (Israel Defense Forces), which opened fire on civilians gathered around an aid convoy. “Although government spokesmen initially tried to deny the soldiers' involvement in this incident, the Israeli Security Minister later not only praised the IDF fighters for their 'excellent' conduct, but also tried to shift the blame onto the victims who were killed, accusing them of trying to… Attempted to kill Israeli soldiers. “Harming heavily armed soldiers,” the bishops recall.

Call that too Involved “Civil society and human rights organizations” in Israel are working to prevent the loss of further human lives and facilitate the arrival of aid to Gaza, which is facing a “humanitarian catastrophe.” In their statement, the Patriarchs, condemning the attack against civilians, explained that “for the half a million people remaining in Gaza City,” humanitarian access has been almost completely paralyzed “due to strict entry restrictions and the lack of security escorts for convoys.”

Civil society organizations add that “heavy rain, cold, and severe overcrowding in tents and shelters have led to a significant increase in disease cases,” while airdrops “provide only a small portion of the relief needed for the civilian population,” which is “larger than that received.” Civilian population. Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel, is determined by the patriarchs.

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Both statements recall that reaching a truce must make it possible to negotiate the release of hostages held by Hamas, whose armed wing announced yesterday the killing of at least seven hostages who had been held in the Gaza Strip since the October 7 attack.

“While we express these appeals on behalf of all innocent people suffering from the war, we direct our special prayers to support the Christian communities in Gaza under our pastoral care. Among them are more than 800 Christians who have taken refuge in the Gaza Strip.” Nearly five months ago. The churches of Saint Porphyry and the Holy Family in Gaza City. We also express the same expressions of solidarity to the brave staff and volunteers of the Anglican-run National Hospital, as well as to the patients.” Written by the Patriarchs, whose ultimate hope remains “an end to hostilities, the release of prisoners and the care of the oppressed” so that “serious diplomatic talks can finally lead to peace.” Just and everlasting here in the land that our Lord Jesus Christ bore for the first time with his cross in our name.”