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Christian Dominguez gives advice in “Préndete” and his therapist gives him a strong answer: “You have to be like this in everything.”

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Christian Dominguez, The current host of Préndete, was once again a victim of his own words. The presenter was in his Panamericana Televisión space thinking about celebrities and the gratitude they should feel towards their fans. As is known, there have been cases in recent days of artists who prefer to stay away from the public, which is why the singer was against it.

While speaking on his programme Dominguez He stressed that it is important to be grateful in life, and if someone makes a mistake, he privately corrects himself. “You have to be grateful in this life, and if you have something to say to someone, in a room with four walls, tell them,” he expressed with real confidence.

Thus, he will be the guest of the program alessandra parisi, He is also a psychotherapist, who analyzed Combiampero’s lyrics. She distanced herself and emphasized that people should lead by example in the advice they give, while clearly pointing out the betrayals of which she was the champion.

Christian Dominguez offers advice to Brindetti, and his therapist gives him a powerful answer

“Christian, you’re going to hate me, but I’ll tell you something. Be grateful not only professionally, but in everything,” the specialist said in response to the look of amazement on Dominguez’s face. Influencer Rick La Torre showed this moment on his social networks and highlighted the way The singer was unable to respond to a situation like this.

In recent weeks, evidence has emerged of rapprochement between the two countries Christian Dominguez and Carla Tarazona. The former couple, who are now working together, showed their chemistry when they were together, which is why there was speculation that they would get back together.

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However, last weekend, there was a problem at the Jorge Chavez International Airport where all flights were suspended and there Dominguez was stranded in Tacna. Thus, the broadcaster did not appear on the program on Monday, June 3 ‘ride’ That’s why he made a virtual connection.

Christian Dominguez is trapped in Tacna and Carla Tarazona asks him for proof of his loneliness. | Panamericana TV

When he was talking to Carla Tarazona Through her link, the former comedian was very crucial in being able to find out the whereabouts of her ex-partner. She stated that she wishes to know all the details of the place where she is, because it is possible that he is deceiving her.

“You can go out to the Tacna plaza to see if you are already there (…) I can go to one of the rooms and say that I am in Colombia… Dominguez can show us the room to see if you are alone,” he pointed out.

In view of this, Rocio MirandaThe presenter of the program did not remain silent and called her partner: “When it’s not toxic…. And the obedient one shows the bed, haha.” This collusion attracted attention and little by little the possibility of the couple resuming their romantic relationship became real.

Christian Dominguez He is a Peruvian singer, actor and television presenter, born on July 24, 1983. He began his artistic career as a member of the cumbia group “Hermanos Yaipin”, where he gained popularity due to his voice and charisma. Later, he joined the “Gran Orquesta Internacional”, where he established himself as a prominent figure in the Peruvian music scene.

Christian Dominguez is the new character of
Christian Dominguez is the new character of “Préndete”. Capture/TV Panamericana

In addition to his music career, the singer ventured into acting, participating in Peruvian soap operas and soap operas such as “Amores que matan” and “Mi amor el wachimán,” which increased his notoriety in the entertainment industry. He has also been a TV host, which shows his versatility in different media formats.

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Personal life of Christian Dominguez He has been the subject of much media attention, especially his romantic relationships with well-known figures in Peruvian entertainment, such as Carla Tarazona, with whom he has a son, and Vania Blodau. Recently, he was the protagonist of an infidelity scandal with his former partner Pamela Franco.

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