July 2, 2022

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Christian Nodal: The singer's sister defends him after a new controversy in the networks because of a video of her dancing

Christian Nodal: The singer’s sister defends him after a new controversy in the networks because of a video of her dancing

Mexican country singer Christian Nodal Located in the middle of the public eye After the last scandal I was involved in, The mother of his ex-partner Belinda, as well as a leaked conversation that Nodal uploaded to his social networks.

This time the singer again in another controversy where users social networks He. She They were highly criticized for a video clip in which she danced with her sister Amelie Nodal.

In the two-second clip, the brothers are shown dancing at what appears to be a family party, and although Christian is seen holding his sister by the waist, From moment to moment he lowers his hand a little more.

This was a source of outrage on the part of users on social networks, who confirmed that Akal “behaved inappropriately” with a member of his family.

Due to the controversy, the singer did not express any opinion about it. However, his sister did speak up and defended him against criticism.

In a statement she made on her digital platforms, Amili confirms this He doesn’t understand how a video can be taken out of context and “you see things that aren’t there”.

โ€œI never do this but it seems to me unfair to remain silent and unpleasant to have to give explanations Completely out of context video,” the message from Nodal’s sister begins.

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โ€œI had to explain my brotherโ€™s relationship with people who have no boundaries and to take advantage of this subtle movement, How much does it cost for people going through this kind of thingโ€, continues the singer’s sister.

In the statement confirm my client That he has a nice relationship with his brother, as well as their respect for each other.

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The response of social networks has been mostly supportive of the fraternity, Express their support and criticize users who have sparked controversy.