October 26, 2021

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bloqueadores de anuncios en extensiones de chrome

Chrome extensions that don’t adopt the new rules will stop working within one year

Going back to Chrome extensions, which is that Google has already announced the final date when the browser will pull support for “old rules”, de facto preventing the use of extensions that don’t bend to the new. According to the rules, it must be added, we denote pointers The new version of the Chrome manifest Used to dictate extension specifications.

In essence, the manifest is a text file where some specifications of Chrome extensions are indicated, such as their permissions and which APIs they can access and their functionality. But those APIs change and with them the manifest ‘rules’. Now, in fact, the second and third versions of the statement coexist, but this will not be the case Next 2023 June, in just over a year.

it will be As of June 2023 Therefore, when extensions that did not adhere to the new specifications set by Google become compatible with the browser. And while most likely nothing will happen because there is plenty of time for all developers to adapt their extensions to the new guidelines, revamping them to improve browser security and privacy, but also to make extension development more efficient, it’s not about changing without controversy.

In fact, we’ve already talked to you before about how Manifest v3’s exclusive entry into force can affect Chrome extensions as today’s essentials like Ad blockersTo make matters worse, with most arguments. Thus, it is a change that does not hold according to the response raised between locals and outsiders.

For example, he refused to change the developers of chromium derivatives as Brave, Oprah and Vivaldi, like him Reject the same Firefox, although it seems to you that it has nothing to do, it does: Mozilla is certified for Firefox Chrome Specifications for Extensions, but without affecting ad blockers.

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What will happen to popular add-ons like UBlock Origina and others, whose developers have already warned that with the access restrictions imposed by the new Manifest, their effectiveness will drop dramatically? remains to be seen. As with the fact that many Chrome users who have these extensions as their primary functionality will do. Alternatives, of course, exist and will continue to exist as solvency increases.