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Cities in the world where the rich buy more real estate

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the billionaires They are usually highlighted by the mayor for their heritage i.e. how far their business model can go and generate value for several specific areas.

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However, choosing an investment destination is not a matter of chance, as several factors must be taken into account in the business world, Such as tax flexibility, the unemployment rate, the moves of banks, and the number of important companies that converge there.

(These are the investments of the richest people in the world.)

This is why billionaires tend to take a very methodical approach with the destinations they want to direct part of their capital to, in order to minimize any margin for risk or loss.

(Elon Musk’s path to becoming one of the richest men in the world).

Regarding the characteristics according to the trat data, hewitty People with wealth over $30 million own real estate in one of these major cities. These are the cities where the richest people in the world reside, according to the same statistical agency:

1. New York (United States): 21,714 people.

2. London (United Kingdom): 15,907 people

3. Hong Kong: 15,175 people.

4. Angels (United States): 13,194 people.

5. Miami (United States): 10,831 people.

6. San Francisco (United States): 9,221 people

7. Beijing (China): 8,923 people

8. Singapore (Singapore): 7,471 people.

9. Chicago (United States) 6,506 people.

10. Washington, DC. (United States) 5,732 people.

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