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Cobra Kai: The reason for the new fight between Johnny and Daniel in the fourth season |  Karate Kid |  Netflix series |  nnda nnlt |  SPORTS-PLAY

Cobra Kai: The reason for the new fight between Johnny and Daniel in the fourth season | Karate Kid | Netflix series | nnda nnlt | SPORTS-PLAY

How was the battle of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larseau? The heroes of the saga “The Karate Kid” faced each other again but now in the fifth episode of season 4 of “.‘, the hit Netflix series that just released new chapters. Actors William Zabka and Ralph Macchio relive their 1984 confrontation as part of big production news, like the re-emergence of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

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competition between johnny and daniel She is back in the light in the final installment of the novel that revives the history of “The Karate Kid”. Followers of the saga, which appeared in the 80s, recalled the confrontation between the fighters.

in a “‘, the battle between the two fighters was the defining moment of the first movie. Before the final battle of All Valley ChampionshipAnd John Kress One orders Cobra Kai to hurt Daniel’s leg.

For this reason, the protagonist arrives injured in the final battle. However, he does not withdraw and continues to face him with great pain and little hope of success. Until he uses the crane, it was a technique Mr. MiyagiAnd he managed to beat Johnny. Did this happen again in combat in ‘Cobra Kai“?

William Zabka y Ralph Macchio en “Cobra Kai”. (Photo: Netflix)

What is the reason for Johnny and Daniel to fight again in “Cobra Kai”?

fighting between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larseau In ‘Cobra Kai’, it was due to a misunderstanding the heroes had when they became allies for defeat Tony Silver s John Kress. This happened in Chapter 5 of Season 4 of netflix series, which premiered on December 31, 2021.

Fighters gathered in Miyagi Doo, in front of many of his students who recorded and followed dozens of battles. Dignitaries William Zabka y Ralph MacchioIn this way they regained one of the most famous battles in the history of cinema.

However, the result was not the same. because in “karate Kid“Larrosso is the one who came out victorious in the final battle and tournament. This time, the fight ended in a draw.

How do you see “Cobra Kai 4”?

The fourth season of “Cobra Kai” premiered on Friday, December 31, 2021 On Netflix, so those with a subscription can watch the ten seasons of the series, whose titles are:

  • Let’s get started!
  • first position.
  • Then learn to fly.
  • bi-head
  • meeting point.
  • Kicks get checkers.
  • minefields.
  • The party begins.
  • the fall.
  • Boarding.

What happened at the end of the fourth season of “Cobra Kai”?

Although both sides cannot fight to the championship, they find a way to annoy their opponents. In fact, Hawk loses his Mohawk in one of the attacks and decides to quit Karate, but thanks to his friend Dimitri, Miyagi-do joins.

For its part, Eagle Fang must search for female students if she wants to get a chance in the tournament, which in this version has new rules, separating not only men and women, but also includes a skill test, and each category collects points that will determine the great champion.

At another point, Daniel invites Anthony to join Miyagi-do, but finds out that he doesn’t know his son as much as he thought, because in fact he’s the one who’s been annoying Kenny, the new recruit from Kris’ dojo. Miguel learns the truth about Johnny and Carmen, and things get a little weird.

After a disastrous graduation party, the annual tournament begins and several dojo fight to be the champions and decide the personal results. Despite the fact that the heroes’Cobra Kai“They have advanced in the competition, and a backache is leaving Miguel out of the tournament.

In the last episode of season fourCobra KaiAfter a tie, their fight is determined by sudden death, and although they know both styles of karate, Eli Moskovitz becomes the winner thanks to Daniel who allows him to use what he’s learned with Johnny.

After Hawk’s victory, LaRusso accepts that he needs Lawrence’s help to win and a real alliance is finally formed between the former rivals, so he guides Sam in his fight against Tory, but that’s not enough to get the championship.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Watch the return of Terry Silver
In the new trailer released by Netflix, we can see the return of Terry Silver, opponent of The Karate Kid III. (Source: Netflix)

When is Cobra K5 coming to Netflix?

With a calendar of “Cobra Kai” releases throughout its four seasons, we’ve calculated the release date of the fifth installment.

Although the first season premiered on May 2, 2018, while the second season arrived on April 24, 2019, everything is indicating that it will follow that range, but after the transition from YouTube to Netflix and the arrival of the COVID-19 epidemic, there have been some significant delays . Thus, the third installment was released on January 1, 2021 and the fourth on December 31, 2021.

Taking those dates as a reference, Everything would be assumed″ It will be released in December 2022, but following what the series’ co-creator, John Horowitz, said, who tweeted that they had already finished filming Season 5 in December 2021, it looks like this is coming soon; Maybe mid 2022.

While these are the calculations we have, release dates turn out to be unpredictable, given the possibility that Netflix will keep the premiere of the fifth installment in December 2022, but nothing stops us from dreaming about its launch arrival in the next six months.

Who was Albert Omstead, the person to whom Episode VII is dedicated?

What is known is that Albert Omstead worked in the Camera & Electrical department on a total of 21 episodes of the TV series “Cobra Kai”.. Unfortunately, he passed away on July 19, 2021 in Georgia, United States.

According to information circulated by the specialized media, Omstead died while repairing a water leak that flooded his apartmentAs a result, one of the walls of his house collapsed and fell on him. Albert had one son and four stepson sons.

“Cobra Kai” was not the only work of Albert Omstead in audiovisual production. The 38-year-old has appeared in series such as “Creepshow”, “Dead Silent”, “Sweet Magnolias” and “Robbie”. In addition to the films “The Walking Dead”, “Atlanta” and “Stranger Things”.

This was a small but well deserved tribute to this guy who worked with Netflix and “Cobra Kai”.

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