January 17, 2022

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COVID infections increased by 62%;  Health estimates 48,801 active cases

COVID infections increased by 62%; Health estimates 48,801 active cases

The Ministry of Health estimates that there are 552 new cases Corona virus cases In Mexico, it totaled 4 million 216 thousand 468 as of Sunday.

According to the agency’s technical report, it is estimated that there are 48,801 active cases.

Health recorded a 62% increase in the number of cases in two weeks.

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So far, 3 million 312 thousand 333 patients have been cured, and 299 thousand 544 deaths have been confirmed due to the disease, an increase of 19 over those recorded the previous day.

The occupancy rate of general beds for COVID patients is 14%, while that of beds with ventilators is 12%.

This Saturday, the first day of 2022, 4,753 coronavirus vaccines have been applied. According to the Ministry of Health, 148 million and 943 thousand and 207 doses have been provided so far.

81 million 916 thousand 395 people were vaccinated, which is equivalent to 88% of the population aged 18 years and over: of these 72 million 849 thousand 124 (89%) received full vaccination, while 9 million 67 thousand 271 (11%) received. Take only the first dose.

By state, Mexico City (100%), Quintana Roo (99%) and Queretaro (98%) have provided the most vaccinations, while Chiapas (65%), Guerrero (74%) and Oaxaca (74%)) have the lowest vaccine application rates.