August 16, 2022

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Los dos peores visitantes se cuentan sus penas

The two worst visitors are counted from penalties

Alcorcon s Málaga, which are the worst visitors on Second (Only four points away from home) Tonight measure their sorrow and urgency between cotton and wool pandemic who punished them during this Christmas holiday. Potters need strengthening Impossible return And Málaga, quench the jerks around the character of Jose Alberto Lopez.

between Both teams, up to 15 players They may have been affected by the virus this week. the Alcorcon It is 12 points away from saving and needs to start in 2022 with Victoria To maintain hope. Malaga does not want to get into trouble at the beginning of the year (Watch the match live on

2022 begins and Alcorcón realizes that the hope for enough Can only be fed on the basis of Victoria. The challenge is great. take back 12 points, Who are the ones that separate you from enough, made The second phase more than Noticeable. In Santo Domingo, almost all lines are expected to sign, but so far, it’s still The only responsibility is to take out Asensio.

These are from Fran Fernandez They started the year with Five positives, although they brought back Danny Jimenez. The club did not want to announce the names and we will have to wait for the last test before the match. The one who will also be low is the captain lor by accumulating cards.

the Alcorcon I know play life in every game and realize that the focus in every game should be max. There is almost no margin for error. These are from Fran Fernandez they have I got Reduce errors in a Defense Playing with three axes and thus it is possible that Almeria will repeat this system. The potters will strive to be a intense team On the pressure And strong in the opposite area.

Fewer absences than feared

For his part, Málaga Go to Santo Domingo with Fewer absences From the fear between infections and COVID-19 because he can Recovery From the infirmary to Ramon, Kevin s Paulino. Luis Muñoz, Guzapede, Juande and Hisham are still in hospital. Brandon was punished and Sekou and Genaro also disappeared from the passenger list for health reasons. In total, 15 specialists and nine subsidiaries travel to the territory of Madrid. Jose Alberto Lopez will be able to put a Very competitive team Under the circumstances, but with many players caught with pins.

the Málaga Alcorcón shares the dubious honor of being worst visitor Secondly. Just four relationships And zero wins. The year ended with a dizzying feeling with only 1 point added out of 12 possible points and a portion of village asking for resignation from the technician. Jose Alberto waits like a meal signatures Vadelo s vebas. But in order for such dreamy reinforcements to arrive, it is necessary to have FIFA permission Because the club is under sanctions without being able to sign until 2023 for a religion 780,000 euros with cinq jonin, One of the worst goalkeepers who have passed through La Rosaleda.

Aces to follow

Alcorcon. MoyanoHis good handling of the ball and his ability to relate to those above should make him play an important role in the competition. Kordofan also has a good long shot.

Malaga. Antonin. The charm and desire to please Malaga should be a reference in Malaga needing to be beaten.

Match details

the back part. In defense, Alcorcon managed to leave a clean sheet in front of Huesca. This should again be the basis for approaching victory.

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Midline. The natural thing is that Jose Alberto from the field to Dani Lorenzo as a complement to the dirty work that Escassi is developing.

lack of purpose. Alcorcón must find gunpowder to end the opportunities it generates.

in defense. The last matches of Lombane and Biebernes, the mediators, were quite unfortunate. Malaga needs strength in this defensive area.

ups and downs

Alcorcon. He managed to get Danny Jimenez back but lost Lore due to the suspension.

Malaga. Return of Kevin, Paulino and Ramon. First call for July. The loss of Luis Muñoz, Guande, Hisham, Joseped, Brandon, Seko and Gennaro.