August 8, 2022

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Cody Clemens, also a GL pitcher?

Cody Clemens, also a GL pitcher?

DETROIT – Two weeks after Tigers player Cody Clemens followed in his father’s footsteps Roger Clemens by reaching the major leagues, the player also showed off his talents as a pitcher. The Cats player took the hill for one turn, giving up a run in the eighth inning of Wednesday’s 13-0 loss to the White Sox In Comerica Park.

Perhaps a prophetic moment, Detroit manager AJ Hinch noted he missed out on choosing Kody as captain at Yankee Stadium, as the Tigers suffered a 13-0 loss on June 3.

Once the Palefoots took the lead in Wednesday’s game, with the Detroit crew already exhausted from a mostly relaxed game on Tuesday, Hinch sent a parade of players into the final three rounds.

After Venezuelan player Harold Castro scored the first hit of his major football career, Clemens entered the eighth inning. It’s worth noting that Cody doesn’t have his dad’s own speedball, hitting 49.7 mph, according to Statcast. After that, Statcast noted that he threw a slider and some curveballs. However, he managed to finish the run, allowing one to run with three strokes and walk. Catcher Tucker Barnhart came in ninth.

Clemens’ debut came just two days after he made his first MLB hit, ending the drought 17-0 with a two-stroke match in the opener of the group game against Chicago.

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