March 1, 2024

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Colombia midfielder Daniela Montoya of New Zealand

Colombia midfielder Daniela Montoya of New Zealand

Ahead of the friendly match between the Colombian national team and New Zealand, one of the captains of the team, Daniela Montoya, shared some details about the preparation and analysis that went into achieving the win.

Colombia will face New Zealand at El Camp this Saturday at 4pm

The two-match series will see the two teams meet in Bogota. Colombian midfielder and captain Daniela Montoya said they are studying different aspects of New Zealand's game, the way they play, getting out with the ball and pressing when not in possession.

“The coach explained a lot of things to us, he stressed how they're back, we have the tools accordingly, and he gave them to us in every practice, we have to keep this to ourselves, so we can take it out on Saturday. And didn't say things,” Montoya commented, per view. moved

The second friendly will be played on Tuesday the 5th at the Metropolitano de Deco stadium at 3:00 pm.

Angelo Marsiglia, the current coach of the Colombian women's national team, also spoke about the limited time they have to prepare. Although he acknowledges the limitations, Marsiglia is confident of the quality of the players and the style of play they want to implement to secure victory against New Zealand.

“It's difficult to change certain behaviors in such a short period of time, but I believe they are great, very elite players, they take the idea very well, and we hope that a model will still reflect what we want. We are trying. To do something against the United States, but obviously it is very “With less working hours and the current style, we are trying to weigh our style and with that style, win the match (against New Zealand),” opined the strategist.

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The preparation match between the Colombian and New Zealand teams will be broadcast live on the RCN channel. Coverage will begin at 3:00 pm, while the meeting will take place in Bogotá at 4:00 pm.