July 13, 2024

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Colombia National Under-17 Team: Leaders, Unbeaten and Dreamers!

Colombia National Under-17 Team: Leaders, Unbeaten and Dreamers!

Monday’s meeting at 2 p.m. in Montevideo, Uruguay, has been the true thermometer for young women in our country since the top and undefeated group were on the line. His opponent was Ecuador. Both teams reached with 6 points in the table.

Colombia came up with an initiative to show the power of the offensive against Ecuador. Linda Caicedo led the main events of the attack and when Ecuador advanced her lines to respond, Juanita Escobar opened the scoring in the 12th minute, who took advantage of a ball on the edge of the area with the left foot and finished first and suspended. In the upper left corner of the arch defended by the kevar.

Pico, an Ecuadorean mistook Carla Torres. Captain Marie Jose Alvarez was responsible for the ball, with the character and deception of the opponent’s goalkeeper, sending it into the net.

The third goal was to reward one of the players who had already tried to break the opponent’s goal. Carla Torres, after a pass from Linda Caicedo, finished the ball with her left foot to the far post and stuck it in the corner. It was only the third in the 38th minute.

“Being a very compact team is what gave us the win. We don’t trust each other, we go out on the field and give everything. I’ve been wanting to score for a long time, and even though we don’t know Uruguay, we’ll give it our all from day one.” Carla Torres said to the official broadcast.

Ecuador did not sequence any game, nor did it pass in the middle of the field. With a triple advantage they went to the baths and the panorama did not change in the second half. The Ecuadoreans, although they put more attitudes and virtues in the fray for the ball, did not make a difference.

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The match became intense and eventful. As of the 56th minute, Carlos Paniagua updated the eleventh minute with changes to give his team a break.

In the final minutes at Charrúa Stadium, extra players Ana María Guzmán, high in the game, rebounded at 90+2 and officiated the match.

Three wins in three matches, 9 points added, 14 goals scored, and qualification for the next stage identifies the U-17 team as a candidate. .

Colombia took to the field with Luisa Agudelo. Ana Maria Guzman, Cynthia Cabezas, Stefania Perlaza, Marie Jose Alvarez, Juan Ortegon, Juanita Escobar, Gabriela Rodriguez, Carla Torres, Ysica Muñoz and Linda Caicedo.

Commitment to promoting the development of women’s football from CONMEBOL

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote the involvement of girls and women in football. They seek social transformation and promotion of development in 10 member states of the member federations, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding held on Sunday, within the framework of the Development Association Finals – APF.

“We want to provide greater opportunities, promote values, and technical skills for girls and women in South American football.

“The Memorandum of Understanding that we have signed with the Confederation of African Football will allow us to work together to enhance the participation of girls and women in football on our continent,” said Alejandro Dominguez, President of CONMEBOL.