February 23, 2024

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Colombia vs New Zealand – Colombian Football Confederation

Colombia vs New Zealand – Colombian Football Confederation

The Colombian Football Confederation has opened the accreditation process for media organizations wishing to cover the friendly matches between the Colombian Women’s Senior National Team vs. New Zealand as journalists. Interested candidates should log into the FCF Media Center at: accreditations.fcf.com.co The deadline for managing the application is 30 November.

Authorizations for: Written Press, Graphic Press, Rights Free Radio, Rights Owned Radio and Internet Media will be processed through the Company’s Media Center. Also, requests from journalists from audiovisual rights or non-television rights (NRH) media will be entertained on this channel. Photojournalists should select the Photographers option in the User Category section and in the Media Category, Graphic Press; Remaining candidates have to select PRESS option in user category and media category in their category. It should be noted that the number of authorizations will be limited for all interested media.

Rights-Free Radio: 1 Journalist

Written Journal: 1 journalist and 1 photographer (in field)

Graphic Press: 1 Photographer (in Department)

Internet Media: 1 Journalist

Rights Free Television – NRH: 1 Journalist and 1 Cameraman (only for entry at the end of the competition).

In the case of FCF’s audiovisual rights holders, in this case: Caracol Tv and RCN Tv, the company’s communication department will carry out the process directly with the persons responsible for these companies and their authorization is published as TV HB.

The authentication platform is new, so candidates who have not yet registered or filled the registration form, should activate the account and apply for the contest; Those who have already registered in the module, they have to log in their session and request the authorization for the competition.

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Please note that access to the FCF Media Center does not imply authorization. The press accreditation process for various competitions and events organized by FCF is separate for each of them.

All applications are subject to confirmation and will not be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, a notification will be sent to those whose application has been accepted, and further information will be sent to them later.

Instructional video for registrants:

Instructional video for newbies:

If you need any support, you can contact: [email protected] and WhatsApp: +573004106628