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Colotoro spoke about Isabella Santiago and doubts about her sexual orientation in the “famous Colombia house”

Colotoro spoke about Isabella Santiago and doubts about her sexual orientation in the “famous Colombia house”

“Culotauro” spoke with Infobae Colombia about his relationship with Isabella Santiago and some events that raised doubts among viewers during his time in “The House of the Famous Colombia” – Credit/Press rights to RCN

Camilo Diaz, known by his stage name Colotauro, was the seventh participant eliminated from the tournament The famous Columbia houseAfter he was nominated by Natalie Umania after his passing Reality show. Throughout his nearly two-month stay, the comedian excelled at conveying the irreverent attitude that led him to appear in web productions such as With intent to offend, Triphasic Sancocho also Through the window To live with them at home.

The result of this way of assuming the character meant that he obtained several positive results, such as his close relationship with Alfredo Redes throughout his time in the house, and negative ones, such as his ongoing clashes with Omar Murillo, during the recent period. The Week, with Isabella Santiago: For what viewers referred to as transphobic jokes, after she announced, as leader of the week, that she had chosen Juan David as her roommate.

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Colombia information He consulted about his relationship with Isabella Santiago and the jokes he made in the company of Sandra Muñoz and Alfredo Redes, when he confirmed that he wanted to share the bedroom with Juan David. The comedian played down the importance of these speculations and confirmed that he generally maintained a good relationship with the actress.

The comedian confirmed that he has a very good relationship with the actress, and had something to say about the accusations against him of making transphobic jokes – Credit Infobae Colombia

“I have the best 6 people I have dealt with the best, including Issa.”, expressed first. Then he narrated a situation that happened to him inside the house, which reinforced his point of view.

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“On the day that Elsu – the character Colotoro played to give a gift to Diana Ángel – was born, a cruel joke came to mind, and I said, ‘Where I say this, they do not wait for Sunday, they will take me.’ Out now. I kept it to myself, and at some point With Issa she said to me: “I would like to make fun of myself as much as you do.” Help me make fun of myself and who I am, because there are things I don't know how to say and I would like to do it through a joke.

Diaz explained that he decided to tell her after he promised her that he would not feel insulted and confirmed that she laughed when he told her. He even noted that the actress “was one of the people who mentally received my jokes in the best way.”

Regarding his critics abroad, the comedian pointed out that “there are those who always get upset,” noting that the paradox could arise that “there are people who do not like jokes and laughter,” which prompted him to write off his critics. From “Morongo”. In his concept, “We are a very Morongo country, and believe me, we will all be like that at some point in our lives, you just have to know when you are like that.”

Despite this, the comedian admitted that in the past he felt ostracized from the LGBTIQ community: “Before I became an actor, I was very homophobic. “A man would approach me and I would say, ‘Oh, this guy is gay,’ and I judge the situation a lot based on someone’s sexual orientation.”. As he admitted, it was precisely his entry into the performing arts that changed this situation.

Due to certain sequences in which the comedian exposed his buttocks, viewers speculated about his true sexual orientation. This is what the previous participant said – Credit Infobae Colombia

On the other hand, Diaz talked about some of the gestures he made while in the house, including the sequences he made twerking, which led users on social networks to doubt their sexual lives. In this regard, the comedian did not hesitate to acknowledge himself as heterosexual, but he explained where those gestures, traditionally seen as feminine, came from.

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“I grew up in an all-female household. Cousins, aunts, grandmothers… well, I have very feminine movements. A lot. And also very feminine hips (laughs). This doesn't mean I'm gay, and if I was that wouldn't be a problem either.“, he stated.