April 22, 2024

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Commons Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Peace Agreement in Colombia

Commons Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Peace Agreement in Colombia

As part of the memorial works for the signing in 2016 of the historic agreement between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Colombian People’s Army (FARC – People’s Army) and the government of Juan Manuel Santos on behalf of the state, the Grand National Gallery of La Paz is outstanding. producer.

This fair will take place in Plaza Bolivar, in this capital where ex-combatants will display their products made, harvested or invented after returning to civilian life.

The Agua Bonita Dance Troupe, the children’s musical group Seeds of Reconciliation, will perform at the same venue in the center of the capital; Children’s Choir for Peace, among other proposals, was attended by UN officials.

Tomorrow, the party born of the Peace Agreement will present, as an introductory presentation to the press, the documentary “Por la Tierra”.

Weaving a lifelong agreement is the motto of these activities that seek to revitalize the agreement and encourage Evan Duque’s government to comply with its comprehensive implementation so that violence, drug trafficking, paramilitaryism and forced displacement, among other evils of the country, are suppressed.

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