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The campaign will not unlock a shield for multiplayer

The campaign will not unlock a shield for multiplayer


by: Nicholas Vasquez | 11-22-21

last week Microsoft and 343 PPG Released the surprise multiplayer component of Infinite aura. Thousands of players have already been able to try some of these game modes and unlock some cosmetic items to customize their characters. However, if you were one of the people who was hoping to gain armor by completing the campaign, we have bad news.

This information has been released thanks to Dataminer Chase The Awaywho resorted to Twitter account To share your results after diving into the archives of the sci-fi shooter. He discovered during his research that 34 customization items can be unlocked, but none of them are armor that radically changes the player’s appearance.

Leaks are pieces of armor cladding that exchange color and texture but not the pattern. At the same time, there are covers for weapons and vehicles, in addition, you can unlock 2 amulets, 10 emblems and a pose.

In case this leak is real, everything seems to indicate that there are only 3 ways to get new armor pieces from it Infinite aura. The first method with Controversial Battle Pass, which contains 100 levels but does not expire. On the other hand, we have events and we buy them directly from the store.

infinite aura It will debut on December 8th for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | personal computers.

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