December 3, 2021

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Utah Grizzlies reign supreme with heart attack and triple winner

Utah Grizzlies reign supreme with heart attack and triple winner

The result of the meeting between Memphis Grizzlies and Utah Jazz The West Coast of the American continent was kept in suspense last night. The game is defined in the most surreal way, after a jump between two and A trilogy recorded by Garen Jackson Jr. For visitors to win 119 A 118.

became Memphis 11 down in the second part, They are fighting to survive in the game. They lost by 6 with just over a minute of playing and Two with 14.8 seconds to go. They missed a free throw and made life more complicated. However, the best is yet to come.

Jackson Jr went to the board to make a defensive bounce and a whistle was blown for a Illegal ingredients. After the review, it turned out that the arbitration award was not correct. gave jump between, with the center measurement of the Grizzlies Rudy GobertDear Giant. Jackson Jr. came out the winner and It ended with a triple victory On the other side of the court.

The jazz game was in their hands but they couldn’t close it. Rudi Gobert and Bojan Bodganovic Salt Lake City led in scoring, with 23 and 24 points, respectively. And the French midfielder barely missed a shot, added 13 rebounds to his account and scored 5 blocks.

was more flexible Donovan Mitchell. The companion could not find his rhythm or his comfort at all, Missing 15 of his 20 attempts At night. He contributed 6 rebounds and 8 basketball assists.

Meanwhile, the Grizzlies did not stop believing in her. Ja Morante He led the offensive efforts with 32 points, and saved his performance from free throws that he missed by 18 shots during the match.

The other big surprise was Desmond Ben, with 28 points and a difference of +15 on the field to ensure victory. jackson jrIn addition to the treble winner, he scored 26 points and grabbed 8 rebounds.

The grizzly They have improved their scores to 9-8 and are gradually falling out of the rankings well. to me Jazz This is his sixth defeat this season, and the third he has suffered in his fiefdom.

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