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Competitors (no less strong) for “Argentina, 1985” for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

Competitors (no less strong) for “Argentina, 1985” for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

Hollywood (CNN) – Argentina wants to repeat the victory it achieved during the World Cup, but now in a different field, which is the Oscars.

For the cinematic grand finale on March 12, the 1985 film Argentina faces not one team, but four productions equally passionate and essential, by Santiago Miter, competing for the first time with this production in the Best International Film category. From the Hollywood Academy.

The film’s protagonist, actor Ricardo Darín, commented to CNN about this production, which recounts the efforts of civil justice to go after several presidents: “I think it is an impressive film, with great sensitivity, and deeply respectful of the subject it touches.” From the Argentine army, accused of human rights abuses during the dictatorship.

In its campaign for the Oscars, Argentina, 1985, it was supported by Amazon Prime Video, which distributed it worldwide, ensuring wide exposure and promotion. Not all films in this or another Oscar category have the backing of a major studio or film distributor, but although this gives them a huge advantage over the competition, Argentine film has its own merits for reaching even further.

(Credit: Prime Video)

The high profile he’s had during these weeks leading up to the final vote – and the fact that he’s received other accolades such as the Golden Globe – positions him as a leader, but the influence of his rivals shouldn’t be discounted. In the Best International Film group, it also shares what Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Poland consider to be the best in their respective cinematography.

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Poland – Donkey teaches humanity

(Julie Sipadelha/AFP via Getty Images)

“EO,” the film’s Polish title and consonant with the name of its four-legged hero, is the less traditional antagonist of this group, but it is directed by one of the oldest filmmakers from that European country: Jerzy Skolimowski.

This movie, despite what its brief synopsis promises: the adventures of a donkey who bumps into life’s good and bad people, moved me in a way that I ended up including it in my list of my 10 favorite “Ojo” movies. Critic”, in the year 2022. The lessons of humanity that the protagonist gives us are powerful.

Ireland – What a girl to shut up

Courtesy: Bankside Films

The Quiet Girl, representative of Ireland and spoken primarily in Irish Gaelic, is an elegant and wistful reflection on childhood and family.

Colm Periad is the director of this film in which a girl, from humble origins and neglected by her parents, must spend the summer with relatives of better social status. With them, he will discover the secrets of filial love.

Belgium – how to pollute a pure friendship

A 24

“Close” by Lukas Dhont explores, in a beautiful rural setting, the friendship of two 13-year-old boys who, without knowing it, come close to a painful reality, which will definitively determine their future.

The film, which talks about the prejudices and especially the shame that society imposes on the most innocent of people, was also included in my top 10 in “Ojo Crítico” and would be one of the big surprises of the night if it won the Oscar.

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Germany – ancient war horrors in modern and very warlike times

Of Argentina’s four contenders for the Oscars, the German nominee is the most feared for many reasons.

Unlike Argentina, 1985, which received only one Oscar nomination, “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Edward Berger turned out to be one of the most nominated films, mentioned 9 times. The German competes in important categories like script adaptation, photography, and most importantly, best film of the year.

Just like Argentina, 1985, All Quiet on the Front – its official Spanish-language title – managed to get the streaming giant to back it up with worldwide distribution. In his case, it was Netflix, which has yet to win the most expensive Oscar tonight: Best Picture, but will continue to invest money and effort until it does.

There is also an interesting fact that draws particular attention to this tale of a German youth’s patriotism and his eventual call to the front lines: his story is not the first time it’s been told on film.

Erich Maria Remarque’s novel was first adapted for the big screen in 1930; It is strange that it was Hollywood who did this, to later end up receiving the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture in the same year.

Although it’s hard for this German remake to repeat the feat of its American predecessor 94 years ago, its victory in the Best International Film category is all the more achievable. As a precedent, there is the fact that it has already swept the BAFTA Awards handover, the British Academy Film Awards, beating out Argentina, 1985 as a film in a language other than English.

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Thus, Argentina and Germany face two stories of political, historical and moral analysis, but perhaps the second story has more significance among the Academy voters, only a year after the armed conflict in Ukraine, which many have pointed out. From the final fuse to a potential world war conflict.

As in soccer, these two countries meet again for the Gold Cup. On Sunday, March 12, we will then find out if it was the Argentines who defeated the Germans, as they did in the 1986 World Cup.