August 19, 2022

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Concerts return to New Zealand - Noticearos Televisa

Concerts return to New Zealand – Noticearos Televisa

In recent weeks, the rock band Crowded house He shared extraordinary pictures on his social networks: Musical performances for large gatherings Closed areas and no mask on face. Where did this happen? On New Zealand. Below we explain why.

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One of the industries that affects the economy of millions of people around the world is not only musicians, but also advertisers, audio engineers, stage managers, rodents, journalists, photographers, contractors, and so on.

For this reason, people who rely on this industry are looking for a way to practice live music during a health crisis, whether it involves secret parties, virtual concerts from home, concerts through road courses or people Plastic spheres.

But it is true that the tour will not return to normal until the health crisis is over. For this reason, some countries that have been able to “suppress” the epidemic may, like New Zealand, offer themselves these temporary flavors.

Although this nation of 5 million people is vaccinated with 0.3 percent of its population, they are not really in a hurry to do so. New Zealand records only ten corona virus cases a day and has not recorded Govt deaths since February 15, 2021. Its total death toll since the outbreak began a year ago is 26.

For this reason, between the months of February and March, the Crowded House made a real New Zealand tour, offering several concerts, outdoors or in enclosed spaces, with no hygienic measures to prevent corona virus infections in the audience anymore, even the use of masks.

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The images spread on the social networks of the shows in this country shocked the world, caused much envy among more than one user, and is eager to return to the dance floor.

Originally from this island nation, Crowded House was a rock band worldwide famous for series hits such as “Don’t Dream It’s Over” or “Weather with You” in the 80s. His music doesn’t give much to dance to or from WhippingSo, no one can enjoy his songs from the comfort of his chair.

The Kiwi band wanted to continue their European tour this summer, but were forced to postpone the tour until 2022.

With additional information from CNN.