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Congress will spend more than a million soles to migrate its TV signals to HD

Congress will spend more than a million soles to migrate its TV signals to HD

The Congress of the Republic signed a contract to upgrade its television service for more than one million soles.

Throughout this year, the Congress of the Republic was severely criticized for the exorbitant expenses it made to obtain some services. It was known, last February, for example, that he decided to change the food offer to parliamentarians from a simple menu to a simple menu buffet, Which was priced around S/80. By the way, report from Financial auditor Some irregularities have already been discovered in this process.

However, the waste of public treasury resources continues Legislative. it is Peru information The contract signed by this party was reached during the management of the Board of Directors Jose Williams (Avanza Paes)To renew your TV service. It’s about “Acquisition and installation of rehabilitation equipment by switching to HD signal” For Congress channel.

The document shows that the Director General of the Parliamentary Administration Office, Pablo Noriega Vinces, signed the agreement with SA video streamingWhich was represented by its General Manager, Raul Soriano Denigri, on June 23 of this year. The company has received well forefront On May 30, in a two-week process between public invitation, publishing the administrative foundations, submitting proposals, and the final result for the winner of the best offer.

And in the details Congress will disburse S$1,498,940.00. This high figure is divided into two parts depending on the services to be provided: the acquisition and installation of rehabilitation equipment for the transition to the HD signal in the technological infrastructure of the channel will cost 1,485,440 cents, while the cost of preventive maintenance and technical support service. SAR 13,500 will be paid.

Congress was held to update the television signal to HD. Source: Infobay.

The agreement will be valid until November 14, 2025. This is not the first time that Video Broadcast SA has contracted with Parliament. It is noted in its record as a supplier to the state that it did so Four service orders amounting to 53,932 cents During the months of April, May and June of this year. It displayed audio, video and photography equipment, accessories and spare parts.

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In addition, it was also revealed that the company received a temporary penalty from State Court of Contracts From October 12, 2010 to March 11, 2011.

It must be remembered that in these months it was also reported that Congress had disbursed an initial budget of S$2 million, to think over its design and equipment, to build a comprehensive clinic within its facilities.

According to the report issued by the Cuarto Poder Programme, the Board of Directors of José Williams also ordered the item to be removed from the public treasury as described in Agreement 082-2022-2023/MESA-CR and sent to the General Directorate of Administration Dated January 10, 2023, in accordance with Memorandum No. 171 of 2022-2023 OM-CR.

“[Este proyecto es] Ideal for providing urgent and emergency care to a target audience of 130 Members of Congress and over 2,000 workers and staff. National Police of Peru (PNP) who provides support at facilities Congress“, reads the document.

The new location will be in José Faustino Sánchez Carrión Square, at the back of the Parliament. This building will replace the typical 65 square meter building so that legislators can use the 170 square meter space so that they can be taken care of in case they develop any health problems.