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The Toyota FT-Se is the electric sports prototype in the spirit of the MR2 we’ve been waiting for

The Toyota FT-Se is the electric sports prototype in the spirit of the MR2 we’ve been waiting for

One of the most famous Toyota sports cars Throughout its history it was MR2It is a two-seater car with a central rear engine with a transverse arrangement, powered by gasoline, which drives the rear wheels. It was produced between 1984 and 2007 during Three generations, although its sales in Europe (especially in Spain) were almost anecdotal. After 16 years of not having a similar car in its product range, the Japanese brand recently introduced the A A prototype that remembers that car’s lineage This could lead to the development of the design of the new production version.

Named b Toyota FT-Sethis conceptual model has Fully electric propulsion systemabout which no technical data has been disclosed, and its size is rather small, as it measures Its length is 4.38 metersWith a width of 1.90 and a height of 1.22, external dimensions are similar to those of the current GR Supra. Like this, the Japanese company confirms that its structure was like this Tuned by the manufacturer’s high performance department In question GAZOO Racing, good qualification.

toyota-ft-se-2023-1-source-toyota | Toyota

The most important components of the car, starting with its platform, are the same as those used in the car Toyota FT-3e, another prototype Which came down at the same time and in the same place: Japan Mobility Expo 2023 Held in Tokyo. However, its appearance is radically different, with The bodywork is less bulky and more contouredAnd also with A Simple interiorFuturistic and driver-focused.

The return of the MR2 will be a fourth and discontinued edition A dream for most nostalgics Of Toyota’s sports cars, to complete its GR range. but, We’ll have to wait for the Asians to provide more information To see if an emotional BEV inspired by the legend will convince them. We probably won’t even see the final 2026.

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toyota-v-se-2023-2-source-toyota | Toyota

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