May 21, 2024

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Cards stop New Zealand and South Africa emerge as world champions

Cards stop New Zealand and South Africa emerge as world champions

Everything was ready Final between New Zealand and South Africa It was the best in history. Both teams came off the previous championships as the most successful teams and it will be decided at the Stade de France in Paris who will exert absolute dominance in the future.

However, it took a lot to get the game into rhythm. It was two minutes later Frisell discharge Both were ejected from the game, one suspended and the other injured, for a heavy tackle on African Mbonambi. And even though the Greens added three points to their locker, it took another ten minutes to get the show going. The ‘Sprinboks’ decided to run with one more player, forcing their rivals into indiscipline. As a result, after 12 minutes they were already in the lead (0-6).

Now, with the yellow card handed out and the XV over, the Maritime team started to burn. They finally capitalized on that momentum, freeing themselves from heavy pressure from their rivals. Fun, talented and spectacular for fans.

What was clear from then on was that both teams were going to be stingy when it came to reaching the goal line. Once they had a penalty shot in their favour, they opted to shoot with the sticks instead of tries. And that lackluster game had a lot to say for the Greens (3-9), especially in the final minutes of the first half, when they once again found themselves on top. Sam Cain ended up in the ‘sin bin’ and it turned out to be a salve once again for Jack Ninaber’s men. They kept ‘all the blacks’ within their borders. Wing’s penalty review led to a red card as the ‘Pockets’ continued to add (3-12). The prospect of playing another 46 minutes with one less man left the Silver Bunny’s aspirations of heroic proportions. They pushed to reach the break (6-12) with many doubts about their future.

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In search of wonder

Sports history is full of epic moments. In fact, it draws fans in on the most unexpected outcomes. The Blacks were hoping for a scripted comeback, and it seemed that way when Green captain Chia Kolisi was sent off after five minutes. He Eager to take advantage of their superiority This led him to be overly aggressive and he was sidelined.

The Oceanians, for the first time in the game, found themselves with options. They were equal in numbers and had the conditions to overcome a group consisting of de Klerk and Pollard. For that they had to take their best weapons out for a walk, which all started with maintaining possession and trying to reach the goal line under Oval control. They showed their intentions when a penalty was called on the opponent’s 22-yard line and they decided to ‘touch’ instead of stick. They wanted seven points out of seven, not three out of three. Actions are best done on a large scale. They got their first chance with a canceled try Aaron Smith They then finished with another from Beauton Barrett, the first for a South African in a finals. Never in the previous three have their rivals been able to land the ball in their own territory.

The most emotional moment of the night came when Sam Whitelock took the field to play his third final in his last international. And who is in the presence of the Crusader leader His companions fled in fear. The last twenty minutes of the match were very open (11-12) and entered with an amazingly insane pace. Also, Golbe got the last yellow card and things were even on the field in the last eight minutes. But nerves betrayed the ‘All Blacks’ and South Africa claimed glory.

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