July 5, 2022

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Control modules in recent attempts to communicate with flight MU5735

Control modules in recent attempts to communicate with flight MU5735

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On March 21 a A Boeing 737-800 registered B-1791 of China Eastern Airlines operating flight MU5735 affected in Tengxian, China after landing up to 30 thousand feet per minute. After an initial examination, the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) stated that all 123 passengers and 9 crew members on board the aircraft perished in the collision.

In the past hours, new information has been provided that will gradually prompt experts to determine the causes of the accident. Among the above, the sound was revealed as air traffic controllers sought to establish contact with the China Eastern 737, but were unsuccessful.

Note: If you can’t see the video, tap here.

The video is shared by YouTube channel Robin Xu and that’s where we canYou see that air traffic controllers in Zhunhai tried to communicate with the pilots of flight MU5735. Because there was no answer, they asked the pilots of Flight CZ3764 to China Southern Airlines And to the pilots of Flight FM9256 from Shanghai Airlines Striving to communicate with their counterparts in China Eastern 737. However, none of them were able to get a response to their call.

Until now, the reasons for the sudden descent of the East China plane from a height of 29,000 feet in just two minutes are not known. However, the investigations will move forward thanks to the latter Boeing 737-800 recorders discovered for China Airlines.

At a press conference, the CAAC reported that rescue teams had found one of the registrars, known colloquially as “black boxesThis is the Cockpit Voice Recorder CVR that will let you know what happened during flight MU5735 and especially the minutes before the impact of the 737 B-1791 recording.

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from the cockpit

One official indicated that there were 3 pilots on board (1 commander with 6,079 flying hours and 2 first officers with 31, 769 and 556, respectively). He added that all three have a good track record, as well as enjoying good health and a “relatively harmonious” life. The latter may be trying to assign responsibility to one of the pilots by contemplating suicide.

Photo: via Twitter