August 8, 2022

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The World Health Organization stresses the importance of the One Health approach

Controversy over the actions of the prosecutor investigating the President of Peru

The head of state broadcast a message on Twitter in which he indicated that people wanted to know why the team that was investigating a major case of judicial corruption was dismantled.

“I am informing the international community of these dangerous events, about which many remain silent,” he added.

To the opposition bent on impeaching the president because of the investigations surrounding him, Castillo’s letter is part of a supposed smear campaign whose authors attribute it to the government.

The statements of two of the president’s lawyers, Benji Espinosa and Eduardo Bachas, were added to Castillo’s letter, which asserted, in a different tone, that Prosecutor Benavides was politicizing justice with actions affecting legal proceedings, and the second accused her of seeking the vacancy (impeachment). ) of the President by Parliament.

One of the most representative far-right parliamentarians, Jorge Montoya, declared yesterday that since there is no majority in Congress to evict Castillo, “a large part of the future is in the hands of the attorney general”. He thanked him for his work and asked him to continue it vigorously.

Beyond the controversy, media outlets outside of government, such as La Rep├║blica and press portal Wayka, revealed that among his first decisions in office, Benavides separated the Fanny Kisbe case from the investigation into the case mentioned in Castle’s tweet.

The Republic verified that Benavides changed the position of the expert corruption attorney general Perspeth Rivella, who was investigating and managed to get a judge to parole Emma Benavides, the sister of the nation’s new attorney general, accused of facilitating the release of a drug trafficker. Roberto Gomez.

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Another questionable change ordered by the Nation attorney general is that of Attorney General Frank Almanza, who has been investigating a family clan allegedly linked to drug trafficking for several years, according to Waika.

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