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"Cook" Muniz admitted that it became very urgent

“Cook” Muniz admitted that it became very urgent

Cook was very pleased with Marisol’s commitment (Image: Twitter)

After a few days “Cook” Muniz He announced that his daughter Marisol is getting married, he was very excited about the news but recently He admitted he wanted to be serious.

The singer will conclude 2021 with a concert and share about his good performance during the year, even though he has a strange wish: “I really want to be a grandfather of many, I’m really urgent and I hope it will come true soon”He said in an interview on the program today.

As for his show, it will be at the Stregis Hotel in Mexico City on December 31 at 10:15 p.m. Since the beginning of his music career, he has had a tradition of giving a concert in the same place and on the same day, but he stopped doing it for two years due to the pandemic before COVID-19.

“It closed well this year, I was lucky enough to make a movie, I set a record, and did some concerts with my dear friend Carlos CuevasI did some plays “I am very happy,” the actress commented.

"seashells" He concluded the year with great joy with his family and his career (Photo: Antonio Cruz/Quartoscuro)
Cook ended the year with great joy with his family and his career (Photo: Antonio Cruz/Quartoscuro)

The 61-year-old famous He started from a very young age in show businessAnd seashells He has been involved in many projects over the years, and has started to admit to being a host on some shows like The joys of noon, TV at night, I invite him; He also participated in some films and even TV series.

What he likes to dedicate the most is to music, as he has various albums, among which are the most famous Always thinking of you, for a woman’s love, the other part of you, the best of your life, don’t promise what won’t be, what are you looking for? and more.

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On the other hand, he was also grateful to his father Marco Antonio Munez: “I just saw him so good, so cold but I saw him physically at his ageThe truth is very good and he has been feeling better as the days go by,” he explained.

It is worth noting that his father Marco Antonio underwent surgery last August due to a hernia. “Fortunately everything went well, he is already at home and will have to take some special care, but thank God it went as planned by the doctor and as planned by the family, this has already been considered for a few weeks. What to do”, hung his son seashells In an interview with the program Sunrise.

The famous man kept his father's eye after his last operation (Image: Instagram / @coquemuniz)
The famous man kept his father’s eye after his last operation (Image: Instagram / @coquemuniz)

“After working with him, I see him a bit tired but he’s excellent, and I admire all my colleagues, although my father’s strength is different. He’s no longer in music, he’s retired, I think he feels back at some point; in fact, you can tell if his voice Angry, if sad, if he feels bad,” added the Mexican.

The driver was also very happy since he told his firstborn that he was getting married, let’s remember that Marisol Muñoz has been engaged to her boyfriend since September They are planning to hold the party until October 2022 In Valle de Bravo or San Miguel de Allende.

My princess is getting married! Everything comes when God decides. Happy to see how little by little he achieves his dreams,” he wrote seashells Muñiz on his official Instagram account.

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