January 17, 2022

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Viral Quiz: Choose a face and find out the darkness of your personality

Viral Quiz: Choose a face and find out the darkness of your personality

Personality test: Choose the most evil face. Photo: Caras y Caretas.

It closes in 2021. But we continue Viral tests that spread on social networks such as Facebook social networking siteAnd Twitter It is included InstagramAnd And in many cases they help to know our personality. Do you dare to solve the following test below? It is simple and will give you many surprises. Now back to the six-digit test to find out who we are.

This time it won’t be cups, fish, or any other animal. But people, with a black and white face with a serious look, cold, frightening or maybe even dark for some.

They all have a message for you, but just choose one of them and you will find the dark secret that lies deep in your heart. Those feelings that contradict expression in the public eye.

Try this challenge from Caras y Caretas image that you can share with your friends, family and partner on New Year’s Eve to the world. Find out these details so you can think about the last days of 2021. The lines below you will find the answers of your choice. luck.

Personality test: Choose the most evil face.  Photo: Caras y Caretas.
Personality test: Choose the most evil face. Photo: Caras y Caretas.

Viral Test Answers

Picture 1.

You may have suppressed some of the early life experiences associated with authoritarian behavior, a need for dominance, and a tendency to have bad intentions.

Picture 2.

Some of the characteristics may be impulsiveness, irritability, temper tantrums, and aggressiveness.

Picture 3.

Displays excessive stimulation of imagination and cognition in general and passivity.

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Picture 4.

Extreme apathy, mental distortions and incompatible feelings.

Picture 5.

Some personality traits are shallow, unstable, narcissistic, and showy feelings.

Picture 6.

Lack of self-esteem, feelings of inferiority and guilt are the main features.

Picture 7.

Extraversion, overestimating oneself and losing money and emotions.

Picture 8.

You have a desire to live and be accepted.

What is the personality test system?

psychology tests She developed theoretical procedure premises for recording psychological traits, which has remained partially in force until today. Famous psychologist Catel McCain (1890) Recognized as the founder of diagnostic tests, ever since libero “mental tests and measurements” He is the one who had the most influence on the development of the method.

catel, who also introduced the concept of “testing”, wanted to record the whole character through a series of 10 simple experiments, the strength of the right and left hand using an dynamometer, the speed of reaction to color stimuli, the associative speed of naming 10 colors, etc.

How it works?

These experiments and the numerous investigations made by his students relating to them were not very fruitful because they were based on a very primitive conception of the human psyche. Each individual trait of a person is examined individually, but what is examined is not enough to represent the individual uniqueness of the personality or to represent one of its essential aspects.

It is understood that at the time of the predominance of primary representations in psychology, the goal of the psychodiagnostic record of the human individual was the examination and accumulation of isolated primary functions.

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