December 4, 2021

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Coronavirus en España en directo: tercera dosis, incidencia y restricciones

Corona virus lives in Spain: the third dose, infection rate and restrictions | Sixth wave, past hour

Germany adds a new record for daily infections: 75,961

German health authorities reported this Thursday that the country has crossed the threshold of 100,000 cumulative deaths due to the epidemic, While you are signing up for The new maximum number of daily infections, with 75,961 positive, Which places more than 5.5 million confirmed cases. specific, 351 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, resulting in all fatalities stabilizing at 100,119, according to data provided by Robert Koch Institute (IRK), Responsible for monitoring health emergencies in Germany.

The European country asserts every day that it is immersed in a fourth wave of infections caused by the Corona virus, and it has once again reached a new record Also with respect to the seven-day cumulative incidence rate, given that it reaches 419.7 injuries per 100,000 residents last week. boss IRK Already a few days ago he warned that “if the reduction of contacts and intensive vaccination does not work” The country will effectively enter the “fifth wave”.

Several prime ministers of federal states have recently spoken out in favor of introducing the mandatory nature of the vaccine, despite Acting Health Minister Jens Spahn was skeptical and emphasized that the matter was not only a legal issue, but the relationship between state and citizen. For its part, several federal states announced, on Tuesday, new restrictions and even the imposition of a curfew and a return to distance communication lessons. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the country’s epidemic situation “tragic”, insisted it was an “emergency” and warned that the vaccination rate was insufficient. To stop the increase in infections. (Europe Press)

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