December 1, 2021

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Corona virus: New Zealand to remove Covit-19 lock in Auckland in December |  The world

Corona virus: New Zealand to remove Covit-19 lock in Auckland in December | The world

The three-and-a-half-month lockout in the country’s largest Auckland city in December will be eliminated by adopting a new strategy to control it. The Prime Minister announced on Monday .

He pointed out on December 2nd. New Zealand A new answer applies Govit-19 Instead of trying to eliminate the infectious delta variant completely it will contain it.

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“The hard truth is, Delta is here, it’s not going away.” The governor announced to reporters.

“No country has been able to completely eliminate the delta variation, however New Zealand It’s better than most to face it. “, He promised.

New Zealand’s answer to this Corona virus It is based on severe imprisonment, strict surveillance of victims’ contacts and border closures.

As a result, only 40 out of a population of five million have died, but the pressure to remove the lock has increased in Auckland, which has been in effect since August when the delta variant was discovered.

Artern When the vaccination rate reached 90% he initially planned to follow the new method, but set the date for December 2 even though the current level was 83%.

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said she was comfortable with the most important adjustment in COVID-19 policy since the outbreak began.

“We can say that we are going to reach this stage at our best,” he said. Bloomfield said.

“We have controlled the outbreak. Summer is coming. We have high and growing vaccination rates.”Added.

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Artern He pointed out that proof of the vaccine would soon be needed to enter certain places, such as bars, gyms and restaurants.

Auckland It is currently isolated from the rest of the country, but roadblocks will be lifted by December 15.

New Zealand Will maintain the need for isolation for those coming from abroad, but Artern Promised to ease that need early next year.

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